Personal Training

Let us help you reach your goals! Our nationally certified Personal Trainers are excited to get you started with a custom personal training program.

Personal Training Programs

Individual Personal Training
By creating a unique and effective exercise program, our trainers will help you look and feel better. Whether you are looking to shed pounds, tone muscle or increase strength and flexibility, our highly qualified trainers are motivated to help you achieve your fitness goals. For more information, including pricing, see the Personal Training Brochure.

Ready to get started with your personal training?

Key Personal Training Program Information

  • Training sessions require a package to be purchased prior to beginning training
  • Personal Training Packages: 3 session expires 60 days after purchase; 6 session expires 120 days after purchase; 12 session package expires 180 days after purchase
  • Age: 13 years or older
  • Cancellations for training sessions must be communicated with your trainer, failure to do so will result in a session removal from your pass

Personal Training Program Pricing

Introduction to HRCA Private Personal Training Program Package
This package is only available to new private clients of the HRCA Personal Training Program. Clients receive three, one-hour sessions. The first session is used to complete a full fitness assessment and the remaining two sessions are used for personal training sessions.

Private Personal Training Introduction Packages

  Member Program Guest
Ages 13-54 $148 $163
Ages 55+ $118 $130


Private Personal Training Session Packages

Ages 13-54 Rate Member Program Guest
3 one-hour sessions $174 ($58/session) $192 ($64/session)
6 one-hour sessions $330 ($55/session) $366 ($61/session)
12 one-hour sessions $624 ($52/session) $684 ($57/session)


Senior Rate (55+) Member Program Guest
3 one-hour sessions $153 ($51/session) $171 ($57/session)
6 one-hour sessions $294 ($49/session) $324 ($54/session)
12 one-hour sessions $564 ($47/session) $624 ($52/session)


Semi-Private Training
Grab a friend and help each other stay accountable to your fitness goals! These packages are for two people to start and stay in shape together with a personal trainer. 

Sessions Member Program Guest
3 one-hour sessions $210 $240
6 one-hour sessions $360 $420


Personal Equipment Orientation

A comprehensive review of all the weight and cardiovascular machines at the facility of your choice with a certified personal trainer. This is a great opportunity to find proper seat setting, starting resistance, and correct form and technique for the operation of all equipment. 

30-minute session: $30

Body Composition Assessment
What are you made of? This fast and accurate bioelectrical impedance body composition analyzer will show you your body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, segmented muscle balance, body composition, and much more. This is a useful tool for establishing a workout and nutrition plan based on what you are made of. Appointments are 15 minutes in length and your results are accurate, personalized, and reflect your unique body composition.

  Member Program Guest
Non-Personal Training Client $30 $33
Personal Training Client* $15 $15

*First assessment is free when beginning with a personal training program

More Personal Training Program Information

Questions? Contact Katie Ireland at [email protected] or 303-471-8916.