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Infant Swim Resource (ISR)

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Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lesson experience is a comprehensive four-six week program where each lesson is customized for the infant or child as they are safely guided through the learning process. 

ISR integrates swimming skills that are developmentally appropriate for young children, teaching them to save their own lives, while building the confidence that can lead to a lifetime of fun in and around the water. For more than 40 years, ISR has successfully provided self-rescue skills training to more than 175,000 infants and young children with a 100 percent safety record.

  • Six months to 12 months - Infants learn to hold their breath under water, roll onto their backs and float unassisted. Once skilled, infants practice these techniques in several types of clothing, diapers, shoes, socks and all!
  • One year to 3 years old - Toddlers learn how to hold their breath underwater, swim with their head down and eyes open, roll onto their back to float, rest, and breathe, and roll back over to resume swimming until they reach the side of the pool and can crawl out.

How Do I Enroll or Ask Additional Questions?
Contact Jennifer Potter 303-330-8602 | |

Learn to Snorkel | Ages 7 - Adult

PADI certified instructors from One World Dive and Travel guide you through the basic snorkel techniques both on the surface and underwater during two hours of underwater exploration in a pool environment. Equipment is provided for the class.

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Try Scuba | Ages 10 - Adult

Try scuba with PADI certified instructors from One World Dive and Travel who will introduce you to the basics of using scuba equipment and being comfortable both on the surface and underwater in a pool environment. This is not a scuba certification class.

For more info call One World Dive & Travel at 303-220-8282 or 303-471-8867 | email

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Stand-Up Paddleboard Programs | Ages 16 - Adult

Learn the proper technique to most effectively use the equipment to prevent muscle and joint injury while increasing power and performance.

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For more information call 303-471-8942 or email or visit Colorado SUP Sports.

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