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Elections & Voting

Elected member-volunteers make up our board of directors, and district delegates. Committees consist of member-volunteers.

Duties & Responsibilities of Directors, Delegates, & Committee Members 

2024 Election Dates

Board of Director Elections

  • HRCA's five-member Board is elected by the District Delegates. 
  • Elections for the open director seats are held each March. 
  • The Board of Directors serve two-year staggered terms. 
  • Board of Directors Applications will go live on Friday, November 17, 2023. The deadline to submit applications is Friday, January 26, 2024. 

District Delegate Elections

  • Each Highlands Ranch district is represented by a Delegate. Delegates are elected by the district's homeowners to represent their neighborhood in association matters. 
  • Delegates are elected by the district's homeowners to represent their neighborhood in association matters. 
  • Elections for even-numbered districts are held in even years, and odd-numbered districts elections are held in odd years, and vacant position elections are held annually. Delegates are elected for two-year terms. 
  • Delegate Elections occur over the month of March, and new Delegates will be notified prior to the Annual Meeting of the Members in April. 
  • Members entitled to vote may vote in person or by proxy. 
  • Watch your mail for the Annual Meeting of Members notification, and delegate election information, and when you receive a proxy card in the mail please take time to vote and return it.
  • District Delegate Applications will go live on Monday, January 29, 2024. Candidates have until Friday, March 1, 2024 to submit applications. Ballots will be mailed in mid-March.  
  • For questions regarding your district election, please reach out to Theresa Hill, [email protected]

Find your district and who your district delegate is on the District Delegate page.

More Election Information

Questions? Contact the Administration Office: Contact Form or 303-471-8958

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