Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of HRCA's events, activities, and leadership. Whether you like the hustle-bustle of Oktoberfest, a heated debate in a District Delegate meeting, the quiet of a Backcountry trail, or the special needs children of the Therapeutic Recreation Department, the HRCA has a variety of opportunities for community volunteers.

Volunteers Currently Needed

Therapeutic Recreation also needs Volunteers for these Programs:
Hip Hop Dance  |  Sports  |  Thrilling Thursdays  |  Sweetheart Dance  |  Lego Camp  |  Stride to Ride
If you are interested in volunteering please fill out this form: Volunteer Registration Form.

For more information, call 303-471-7043 or email [email protected].

Volunteer With Us

Want to get involved? We have many opportunities to do something fun and meaningful to support your association and the community in which you live. 

HRCA Volunteers

  • Provide leadership; member-volunteers make up our board of directors, district delegates, and committees
  • Coach our youth sports teams
  • Extend a hand to the Therapeutic Recreation staff in providing programs for children and adults with special needs
  • Maintain the Backcountry Wilderness Area by participating in service projects; clear brush, pick up trash, kill weeds, and more, and they also patrol trails
  • Contribute to the success of the Race Series by helping with registration, set-up, clean-up, passing out water, and more. 
  • Assist with their favorite Community Events; help set up, work, and/or breakdown an event, as it's a fun way to get more involved, meet new people, and have a great time!




Arts & Education  Email your Interest Angela Munger
[email protected]
Backcountry Wilderness Area www.volunteerconnectdc.org  Gus Brunger
[email protected]
Board of Directors  See Elections page  Annie Vincent
[email protected]
Coach (see Sports Email Your Interest
Volunteer Registration Form
Lisa Sheley
[email protected]
Committees  See Committees page  Annie Vincent
[email protected]
Community Events Email Your Interest Sara Walla
[email protected]
District Delegates  See Elections page Annie Vincent
[email protected]
High School Community Services Hours  See Instructions Below** Sara Walla
[email protected]
Race Series Race Series* Patrick Gojan
[email protected]
Therapeutic Recreation Email Your Interest
Volunteer Registration Form
Summer Aden
[email protected]

* Each race has a link to that day's volunteer registration.

Key Volunteer Information

  • Volunteers must be at least 15 years old to work at the HRCA
  • Application for coaches and therapeutic recreation volunteers 
  • Use Volunteer Connect* to find and sign-up for volunteer opportunities
  • High School Community Service** can fulfill graduation requirement by helping with community events.

** High School Community Service - The HRCA also accepts high school students interested in fulfilling required community service hours necessary for graduation. Students must be 15 and able to work unsupervised. Volunteers will be asked to help set up, work, and/or breakdown community events. 

* To sign up: Visit www.volunteerconnectdc.org. Click on the "I can help! Click here to register and volunteer" button.  Narrow your search by choosing Highlands Ranch Community Association under "Organization". This will give you a list of events where we use community service volunteers. Register for the events that fit your schedule and the number of hours you'd like to work. Then after your service is completed, you can print an official log which can be attached to your school forms. Thanks for your community spirit – volunteers help make these special events a success! 

Our Volunteers

As a non profit HRCA relies on volunteers for a diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge. Our volunteers include business leaders, community advocates, parents, teens and individuals who want to give back and support their community. Time and again, we find that HRCA volunteers bring an unprecedented amount of passion and excitement to their work. They approach their tasks with a level of joy that is contagious. Here are a few examples of the many people at HRCA who have demonstrated why it’s so important for us to engage volunteers with diverse abilities and interests:

Erynn - is a Physician Assistant in Family Medicine and has been volunteering in the Therapeutic Recreation Hip Hop program for a year and a half. She enjoys getting to know the dancers and joking around with them. 

Sue - has been volunteering with the Youth Department for the past five years. She began her journey as a grandma of kiddos in our HRCA Toddler and Pre-School programs and wanted to continue to come read to our children, so she became a Douglas County Library reading volunteer. The kids love seeing her and hearing her read new books each week. 

Melanie - a college student, has been volunteering with Therapeutic Recreation for three years. One of her favorite moments was at the first triathlon on which she helped. "It was such a joy to cheer on the athletes as they participated and finished." On a personal note she adds, "Volunteering has changed my life. It has provided me happiness even in the most stressful times. It has taught me patience, flexibility, compassion, and humility."

Finance Committee members - individuals with expertise in finance and accounting, donate their time and knowledge working with staff to develop the annual budget. 

More Volunteer Information

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