Volunteer committees are the backbone HRCA. These committees lead and shape the future of Highlands Ranch. Residents are invited to serve on various committees; so join us and make a difference in your community.

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HRCA Committees

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Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

- Position Available
  • What: The ARC Committee is responsible for reviewing plans for exterior improvements being made to residential properties by homeowners. They review plan-sets and submittals made by homeowners to assure they comply with HRCA Residential Improvement Guidelines. This committee is also responsible for enforcing covenants outlined within the Community Declaration, Bylaws, and supplemental declarations.
  • Who: The ARC is comprised of homeowners with expertise in home improvement and construction. 
  • Meeting Time: First & third Wednesday of each month, 5:30 p.m
  • Meeting Location: Recreation Center at Eastridge, Administrative Office

Architectural Committee Authority


Finance Committee 

- No Positions Available
  • What: The committee reviews, approves, and/or make recommendations to the monthly detailed financial statements which the HRCA accounting department staff present. They makes recommendations to the Board about monthly financials, the annual audit, and the budget, as well as other financially related items. The minutes and summary of financials are part of the monthly Delegate-Board Meeting Packet.
  • Who: The committee is comprised of Highlands Ranch homeowner volunteers with expertise in finance and accounting. Members assist the board in ensuring that financial records conform to generally accepted accounting principles and the provisions of the HRCA Declaration. Attendance and active, insightful participation at virtually all meetings is targeted. Executive and Board level experience as well as thoughtful leadership is desirable.
  • Meeting Time: Third Monday of each month, 6:00 p.m. (Weekly meetings occur annually during late summer/early fall to review department budgets. )
  • Meeting Location: Recreation Center at Eastridge, Administrative Office

Finance Committee Bylaws  |  Budget Development  


Development Review Committee (DRC) (Commercial Projects) 

- Positions Available
  • What: The Highlands Ranch Community Association must review all commercial projects and improvements in Highlands Ranch. The HRCA makes project decisions based on the best interest of the Highlands Ranch community considering appearance, traffic impact, and the impact on neighboring properties. There are two commercial committees for this purpose:
    HRCA Development Review Committee (DRC) is the review authority for commercial construction projects (i.e., those requiring a Site Improvement Plan through Douglas County). Generally, commercial projects will need HRCA DRC review before Douglas County will issue permits. Project applicants are required to present their project to the committee.
    HRCA Commercial Review Committee (CRC) is the approval authority for smaller commercial projects (i.e., revisions or modifications to SIPs, all commercial signage, improvements to the exterior of commercial property, including paint, awnings, etc.). The CRC meets electronically, reviewing projects as they are submitted.
    Note: Have questions or need assistance determining to which committee to submit your project? Contact the HRCA Commercial Coordinator at 303-471-8821.
  • Meeting Time: First Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m.
  • Meeting Location: Recreation Center at Eastridge, Administrative Office

Development Review Committee Bylaws  |  Meeting Documents


The Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association

- No Positions Available
  • What: The Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association (CAA) Advisory Committee meets to help plan and execute events and programs and to help raise funds for the CAA.
  • Who: This advisory committee inculdes individuals who have experience in the cultural arena: dance, theater, music, and fundraising. 
  • Meeting Time: meet quarterly, time TBD
  • Meeting Location: Recreation Center at Eastridge, Administrative Office
  • Questions: Contact email


Backcountry Planning Areas Advisory Committee

- No Positions Available

Committee Charter   |   Bylaws    |   Resolution


The Tribunal Committee

- Positions Available
  • What: The Tribunal Committee hears appeals of Architectural Committee rulings on non-compliance issues or improvements to property. Recommendations of the Tribunal are based on compliance to governing documents and are forwarded to the Board of Directors. The Tribunal was created pursuant to Section 12 of the HRCA Bylaws. The Board of Directors appoints a Hearing Committee or Tribunal to respond to a member request for a hearing. 
  • Who: The Tribunal is represented by three members of the Tribunal panel as needed and requested.
  • Meeting Time: As needed
  • Meeting Location: Recreation Center at Eastridge, Administrative Office


Scholarship Fund Committee

- Positions Available
  • What: The Highlands Ranch Community Scholarship Fund committee selects scholarship recipients from graduating seniors attending a Highlands Ranch high school or who live in the community. The scholarship recipients receive a $2,500 scholarship to a designated university. 
  • Who: It is a rewarding experience to participate in the selection process and learn about the quality of the young men and women in the Highlands Ranch community. 
  • Meeting Time: Annual applicant reviews takes place over a concentrated three week period in March.
  • Meeting Location:  Recreation Center at Eastridge, Administrative Office
  • Questions: Contact Linda Dorre at


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Questions? Contact the Administration Office: email or 303-471-8802.

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