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What is a delegate?

Highlands Ranch is divided into 93 Delegate Districts. Delegates are homeowners either elected by members within a Delegate District or appointed by their sub-association Board to represent their District and to cast votes on behalf of members within the Delegate District as provided in the Community Declaration. Delegates meet monthly to discuss a variety of topics about the Community Association. Some duties and powers of the Delegate body include amending and approving the community Bylaws, creating rules and regulations for the use and operation of the recreational facilities, proposing increases and/or reductions for the Recreation Function Common Assessments (RFCA’s) necessary for the operation of the Recreation Center and proposing and reviewing improvements to the recreational facilities. Delegates are elected in April of every year to serve the community.

 Key District Delegate Meeting Information

  • What: The purpose of the Delegate meeting* is to propose/recommend to the Board of Directors the following:
    - Rules and regulations respecting the use and operation of the HRCA Recreation Facilities
    - Propose increases and/or reductions for the Recreation Function Common Assessments (RFCA’s) necessary for the operation of the Recreation Center
    - Propose improvements to the Recreation Facilities
    - Advise staff and propose recommendations which improve operating systems and procedures between the members and the Recreation Centers
    - Ensure fair and equal use of the Recreation Centers and review programs and program policies to ensure they meet the needs of the membership
  • Who: The Delegate body is an advisory committee to the Board of Directors. Members are elected by the district homeowners to represent their neighborhoods in association matters.
  • Meeting Time: Third Tuesday of the month, 6:00 p.m. 
  • Meeting Location:  Recreation Center at Eastridge, Community Room

*Attendance at the monthly delegate and Board of Directors meetings is necessary for Delegates to adequately represent their districts and fully understand any and all issues which come before the community. At these meetings the delegates receive updates and reports from the Douglas County Commissioners, Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, the Highlands Ranch Metro District, HRCA Board of Directors, and the HRCA Staff. All HRCA Meetings are open to our members.

 Key Bylaw & Community Declaration Information

The Bylaws and Community Declaration define the HRCA districts, delegates, elections, and roles in detail. Here is a quick reference guide:

More District Delegate Information

Helpful Links: Meeting Agendas & Minutes  |  Meeting Calendar 

Questions? Contact the Administration Office: email or 303-471-8958.