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Vision & Strategic Objectives

The HRCA's Board of Directors' visualization for the HRCA and how to get there are stated in their Vision and Strategic Objectives.

Board's Vision & Objectives

 Vision for the Future
To pursue the Highlands Ranch Community Association's (HRCA) plan for the future, the Board of Directors have implemented a strategic planning process relating to how it funds itself, and provides services and amenities. The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to keep the HRCA on course during this time of change and beyond.

The first step in developing a strategic plan is determining what is desired to be accomplished. For an organization like the HRCA, which is responsible for making decisions on behalf of an entire community, this process starts with a Vision for the Future. The Vision for the Future is the ideal desired condition of the community at some future point in time – typically decades away. The Vision is a dream rooted in reality that may contain some existing conditions to be preserved, along with future ambitions to be strived for that are consistent with its vision.

Highlands Ranch is a thriving community and the HRCA's mission is to "build the lifestyle that you want to live" so that Highlands Ranch will continue to be a great place for generations to live, worship, work, learn and play. The HRCA's Vision for the Future and Mission together provide the foundation for the Strategic Plan and the five year Capital Improvement Plan.

Public Services
Vision Statement: The HRCA will provide discounted services through negotiated volume rates which benefit our residents by providing community services at a lower cost. Some Public Services may be provided by the HRCA. The HRCA currently has an agreement with a preferred trash provider to keep costs low for homeowners.

Vision Statement: Provide members with unprecedented opportunities to enjoy nature near where we live, while protecting and conserving natural, cultural, archaeological, and historical resources for the enjoyment of future generations.

The conservation of the Backcountry, along with the variety of activities offered, will distinguish Highlands Ranch as a healthy, active, outdoor community. The Backcountry’s small developable areas will be utilized to provide opportunities that promote and build the community’s overall lifestyle.

Recreation Facilities
Vision Statement: Strive to keep state-of-the-art recreation centers that are the equal of private facilities in the area. The facilities will be operated efficiently to provide significant value and recreational programs and opportunities for all members.

The HRCA operates and maintains four state-of-the-art recreational centers with over 329,000 square feet. The recreation centers have work out facilities, meeting rooms, event and classroom space, running tracks, basketball and sports courts, pools and tennis courts, all for use by its members. HRCA has a wide variety of programs and activities for residents of all ages and abilities.

Operational Excellence
Vision Statement: Optimize processes, people, products and services such that customer satisfaction and financial results are maximized through a culture of continuous improvement.
Operational excellence and customer service are promoted throughout all departments. We strive to offer the most up-to-date facilities that are maintained at a first-class level. Staff participates in on-going training sessions to enhance our customer service throughout the year. Administrative departments operate at a high level with the ultimate transparency provided to our members.

Vision Statement: Partner and influence local and regional agencies and organizations to enhance the quality of life enjoyed by the residents of Highlands Ranch. Build community lifestyle by providing community events that bring people together through leadership and volunteerism.

As an unincorporated community, Highlands Ranch relies on the cooperation of several private, non-profit and governmental agencies to create the quality of life enjoyed in the region. Our mission statement clearly requires HRCA be involved in the community to enhance property values and create quality of life through leadership.

More Board Vision & Strategic Objectives Information

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