What is a delegate?

What is a Delegate?

Delegate shall mean the natural person selected by members within a Delegate District to represent such Delegate District and to cast votes on behalf of members within the Delegate District as provided in the Community Declaration.

Each District Delegate shall follow the guidelines below to fulfill their responsibilities as District Delegates. Please refer to the following sections of the HRCA Community Declaration and Bylaws.

Community Declaration

  1. Section 2.20 and 2.21 defines Delegate and District Delegate.
  2. Section 4.4 addresses the establishment of Delegate Districts.
  3. Section 4.6 establishes the voting rights of Delegates.
  4. Section 4.7 references Delegates as the Advisory Committee for Recreation Cost Center.
  5. Section 8.27 provides for the method in which Delegates must vote for increases in the maximum common assessments.


  1. Section 5 of the Bylaws addresses Delegates in general.
  2. Meetings of Delegates are provided in Section 6 of the Bylaws.

For a description of the voting procedure a Delegate should use in representing their district or for more information regarding voting requirements, please refer to Section 4.6 of the Community Declaration. A Delegate is obligated to cast votes which represents their constituents in their district. This can be a percentage in favor of a proposal and/or a percentage opposed to a proposal. For example, Delegate A represents 100 lots and may cast 75 votes in favor and 25 votes opposed to a proposal.

Delegates may attend meetings and vote by proxy.

Attendance at the monthly delegate and Board of Directors meetings is necessary for Delegates to adequately represent their districts and fully understand any and all issues that come before the community.

Delegate Meetings:

The Delegate body is an advisory committee to the Board of Directors and meets monthly, every third Tuesday of the month. At the Delegate meetings the delegates receive updates and reports from the Douglas County Commissioners, Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, the Highlands Ranch Metro District, HRCA Board of Directors, and the HRCA Staff. The Board Working Session, Delegate meeting, Board of Directors, and all other HRCA Committee Meetings are open to our members.

The purpose of the Delegate meeting is to propose/recommend to the Board of Directors:

  • Rules and regulations respecting the use and operation of the HRCA Recreation Facilities
  • Propose increases and/or reductions for the Recreation Function Common Assessments (RFCA’s) necessary for the operation of the Recreation Center
  • Propose improvements to the Recreation Facilities
  • Advise staff and propose recommendations which improve operating systems and procedures between the members and the Recreation Centers
  • Ensure fair and equal use of the Recreation Centers and review programs and program policies to insure they meet the needs of the membership

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