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Backcountry Wilderness Area Fund

The Backcountry Wilderness Fund’s mission is to improve wildlife habitat, inspire the next generation of nature stewards, and ignite a lifelong love of the outdoors for all. The work we’re able to do depends on our community’s passion and generosity for the Backcountry Wilderness Area.

Becoming a Friend of the Backcountry is not just a choice; it's a commitment to preserving something truly exceptional. Every year, the 13 square miles of the Backcountry Wilderness Area become increasingly vital. As our community expands and development encroaches upon the natural world in Douglas County and the Front Range, our role in managing and improving habitat takes on a profound significance. 

By supporting this cause, you're helping wildlife find a sanctuary to exist unbothered by urban sprawl, safeguarding unparalleled scenic views that enrich our lives, and ensuring that our community continues to have a local wild place to explore and connect with the beauty of the outdoors. Join us in this mission, and together, we'll protect and cherish this precious wilderness for generations to come.