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Become a Friend of the Backcountry

Join Us as a Friend of the Backcountry 
Are you passionate about preserving the pristine beauty of our natural world? Do you believe in protecting the wilderness for future generations to enjoy and teaching them the importance of wild places? If so, we invite you to become a Friend of the Backcountry and make a lasting impact on our community’s wild place.

Why Become a Friend of the Backcountry?

Conservation Champions: By joining us, you'll become a vital part of a community dedicated to conserving the Backcountry Wilderness Area. Your contribution directly supports our efforts to do more conservation, environmental education, and recreation.

Monthly or Annual Giving: Choose a donation plan that suits you best. Whether you opt for a monthly or annual contribution, your commitment helps us plan for long-term projects and ensures a sustainable future for our wild place.

Make a Difference: Every dollar you donate goes toward vital conservation initiatives, from habitat conservation to low-cost environmental education opportunities. Your support enables us to safeguard ecosystems, wildlife habitats, and accessible nature opportunities.

Exclusive Benefits: As a Friend of the Backcountry, you'll receive special perks such as early access to event tickets and opportunities to join guided nature excursions. You'll be part of an engaged community of like-minded individuals who share your passion.

Leave a Legacy: Your ongoing support leaves a legacy of protected lands for generations to come. By becoming a Friend of the Backcountry, you contribute to a world where nature thrives, and outdoor adventures are abundant.

How to Join

Becoming a Friend of the Backcountry is easy and meaningful:

  • Visit our website and choose your preferred giving option: monthly or annually.
  • Fill out a simple form with your details, and set up your donation method securely.
  • Start making a difference today!

Your commitment as a Friend of the Backcountry is a testament to your love for nature and your dedication to its preservation. Together, we can ensure that the wild places we cherish remain intact and accessible for all. Join us in our mission to conserve and nurture the Backcountry Wilderness Area – where conservation meets community.

Let's safeguard our natural treasures for future generations. Become a Friend of the Backcountry today!

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