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Please disregard the assessment invoices received on July 31 & August 1. We are in the process of implementing a new payment processing system and these invoices were sent out in error. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Volunteer Opportunities

The mission of the Backcountry Wilderness Area is big and we can use more hands to help out. We're looking for people who want to have a hands-on impact on conservation, environmental education, and responsible outdoor recreation. These volunteer opportunities aren't in exchange for freebies or special access, but rather a way to give back to our local wild place. The opportunities will vary and may not always be available.

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Backcountry Wilderness Area Volunteer Program

Age Requirement:

  • 14 and up with a parent
  • 16 and up with parental consent
  • 18 and up

Minimum Commitment:

  • Bi-weekly shifts, a regular day/schedule is preferred
  • At least one-half day of training, maybe more for some positions
  • April-October typically, some positions will differ
  1. Contact the correct staff person stating your interest and the position in which you are interested:
    Base Camp and Horse Positions: [email protected]
    Property Positions: [email protected]
    Event Positions: [email protected]
    Program Positions: [email protected]
  2. Staff will email you an application along with the forms that must be completed for a background check.
  3. If qualified, staff will conduct a phone or in-person interview.
  4. Background check is mandatory for all positions.

Volunteer Positions

Base Camp Available Volunteer Positions

Base Camp positions do not require previous experience. Volunteer Orientation is required for all Base Camp positions. 

Schedules Sign up for

Position #1: Goat Walker/Pen Cleaner
This position includes walking goats along fence lines to trim weeds and vegetation, and deep cleaning the goat shed and goat pen area.

Position #2: Chicken Coop Cleaner
This position includes deep cleaning the chicken coop area.

Position #3: Donkey Pen Cleaner
This position includes cleaning/mucking the donkey pen.

Horse Corral Available Volunteer Positions

These positions work under the direct supervision of Backcountry Horse Staff. Volunteer Orientation is required for all Horse Corral positions. 

Schedules Sign up for

Position #1: Horse Pen Cleaner
This position includes assisting with paddock cleaning/mucking.
Prior Experience: No horse experience required. General horse care and safety knowledge preferred.

Position #2: Horse Groomer
This position includes assisting with grooming horses, as well as helping with position #1 duties.
Prior Experience: Three months of horse experience or completion of Basic Horsemanship 1 is required.

Position #3: Riding Lesson AssistantThis position includes assisting Backcountry Horse Staff with horse programs, as well as helping with position #1 and #2 duties.
Prior Experience: Six months of horse experience is required.

Property Care/Maintenance Volunteer Positions

Position #1: Water Hauler 

  • Age 21 and over only, must be able to provide proof of vehicle insurance and driver’s license with clean driving record.
  • This position will haul water using our truck and 1,000-gallon water trailer to the various water tanks throughout the property that provide water for wildlife.
  • Minimum commitment is a regularly scheduled shift, at least 4 hours in one day, every other week; Tuesday-Saturdays only. April-August with more intermittent times in September/October.
  • Must have some experience pulling a trailer

Position #2: Laborer

  • Various maintenance duties around Base Camp and the Archery Range and occasionally some duties within the restricted area of the Backcountry
  • Examples include: watering trees, moving mulch, mowing, trimming, general upkeep of various amenities, painting, cleaning.
  • Other duties may be assigned according to skills and abilities

Position #3: Trail Maintenance

  • A regular schedule is not mandatory for this position.
  • Volunteer would perform routine trail maintenance using hand tools. Includes improving rolling grade dips, general surface maintenance, and drainage. Also includes trimming brush to improve sight lines.
  • Volunteers must either be supervised by staff, or trained by staff and then work independently.
  • Groups are welcome, along with group volunteer days.
  • We provide the tools.

Position #4: Archery Range Maintenance
Various maintenance duties around the archery range including target maintenance and replacement, trimming, general clean up and other tasks as assigned.


Position #1: Parking Attendant

  • Assist event coordinators with parking vehicles at Base Camp and nearby parking lot.
  • Assist event attendees with guidance toward the event.