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Backcountry Wilderness Area Fund

Who We Are

The Backcountry Wilderness Area Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit that celebrates and champions the conservation of Backcountry Wilderness Area in Highlands Ranch.

Our mission is to improve wildlife habitat, inspire the next generation of nature stewards, and ignite a lifelong love of the outdoors for all.

Founded in 2017, the Backcountry Wilderness Area Fund is accomplishing the mission through critical actions by our staff and the generous contributions—both through volunteer and financial means—from our community. Our top priorities include wildlife habitat improvements (fire mitigation, invasive weed species removal, etc.) and offering top-notch environmental education and outdoor recreation opportunities that are engaging and accessible to the community. 

We're grateful for the opportunity to manage this island of conservation in the middle of a rapidly growing metro area. Each step toward fulfilling the mission of the Backcountry Wilderness Area Fund is one crucial to stewarding this wild place for the wildlife and generations to come.