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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsor Levels

Become a Backcountry Backer Corporate Sponsor
At Backcountry Wilderness Area, we believe in the power of collaboration to protect our precious wildlands, educate our community, and nurture a deep appreciation for nature. Your business can make a significant impact by becoming a Backcountry Backer, presenting event/program sponsor, or even adopting a shot at our renowned 3D Archery Range. 

Here's how your sponsorship can help us make a difference:

Backcountry Backers: Annual Sponsorship
Be the backbone of conservation and community connection. Your support as a Backcountry Backer means aligning your business with values like wildlife habitat conservation, environmental education, and fostering a love for nature within our community.

Showcase your commitment with:

  • Logo Inclusions: Display your logo on our monthly email newsletters reaching 3,000+ engaged recipients, showcasing your dedication to our cause.
  • Social Media Features: Gain exposure through dedicated social media posts, linking your brand to our passionate community.
  • Guest Blog Opportunities: Share your insights and stories on our platform, demonstrating your expertise and commitment to a sustainable future.
  • Event Support: Enjoy supporting sponsorships at our community events, showcasing your dedication to the local environment.

Presenting Event/Program Sponsors
Connect your company to the right community with targeted sponsorships. Select from our exciting range of events and programs to sponsor, aligning your brand with specific themes and engaging audiences. 

Enjoy benefits such as:
On-site Presence: Set up your display at sponsored events, connecting directly with attendees and making a lasting impression.
Social Media Buzz: Get featured on our active social media platforms, showcasing your brand to our enthusiastic followers.

Adopt-a-Shot at the Backcountry Outdoor Center
Leave a Mark with Your Brand in the Great Outdoors! Sponsor a shot at our 28-target 3D Archery Range, where sportsmen and sportswomen will encounter your brand and creativity. 

Your sponsorship includes:
- Target Association: Showcase your business name and a creative shot name at your chosen target, leaving a memorable mark.
- Membership Inclusions: Gain an individual 3D archery membership for the duration of your one- or two-year adoption, connecting you with outdoor enthusiasts.

Join us in safeguarding the Backcountry Wilderness Area, providing transformative experiences for our community, and ensuring a thriving environment for generations to come. Become a proud sponsor and let's shape a brighter future together!

Ready to make an impact? Contact us at[email protected] and let's discuss the perfect sponsorship option for your business! 

Contact Lindsey McKissick
 for Sponsorship Details

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