New Flag & Yard Sign Legislation

Earlier this year, the Colorado Legislation passed House Bill 21-1310, which impacts the ability of Home Owners Associations (HOA’s) to regulate signs and flags at the level they once did.  This new legislation is in effect as of September 7, 2021.

New Flag & Sign Guidelines

The HRCA Board of Directors proposes to amend the Residential Improvement Guidelines (RIGs) to reflect the following:

2.32  Flag Displays.

Flagpoles. Committee approval is required based on the following criteria:

A. Shall be a minimum of five feet from all property lines;

B. Must be silver or bronze in color and a residential style, not commercial grade;

C. Ground-mounted flagpoles may not exceed the roofline of the house; wall-mounted flagpoles may not exceed 6’ in length.

D. May not be illuminated without prior Architectural Committee approval.

Flagpoles may be ground-mounted or wall-mounted. Ground-mounted flagpoles must be mounted to the ground on property wholly-owned by the homeowner, and not on a deck, patio, or retaining wall. Wall- mounted flagpoles must be mounted on property wholly-owned by the homeowner.

2.71 Signs, Flags, and/or Advertising Devices

In accordance with Colorado law, the HRCA does not prohibit or regulate the display of flags, yard signs, or window signs on the basis of their subject matter, message, or content. 

A. Location. Signs may only be displayed on property wholly-owned by the homeowner or in a window of the unit.  Flags may only be displayed on Committee-approved flagpoles, in a window, or on a balcony adjoining the unit. 

B. Quantity. No more than two signs may be displayed on any Privately Owned Site, except that during the period commencing 45 days before any state or local election, and ending seven days after any state or local election only (“Election Period”), up to fifteen signs may be displayed on any Privately Owned Site. No more than one flag may be displayed on any Privately Owned Site, except that during the Election Period only, up to five flags may be displayed on any Privately Owned Site.

C. Dimensions. Yard signs and window signs may be no larger than 18” by 24”. Flags may be no larger than 3’ by 5’. During the Election Period only, five of the permitted yard signs and window signs may be up to 36” by 48”.

D. Unless otherwise required by the Federal Flag Code, Pub.L. 94-344; 90 Stat. 810; 4 U.S.C. secs 4 to 10, flags and signs shall not be illuminated.

E. Flags and signs must be professionally designed and lettered and must be maintained in a neat manner.

Signs bearing commercial messages are prohibited unless the sign has been approved by the HRCA Development Review Committee. Vendors and real estate professionals should contact the Development Review Committee to seek approval.

If you have questions or concerns about the proposed language, please email [email protected]. Please keep in mind the only parameters that HRCA can address based on HB21-1310 are related to the number of signs and flags and the size. 

What this means in Highlands Ranch -  any signs or flags that meet the above requirements, can remain. We cannot cite property owners based on the messaging reflected on the signs or flags. We hope that residents within Highlands Ranch will be respectful of each other, and limit the use of signage or flags that may be considered controversial or offensive.

More Flag & Sign Legislation Information

If you have concerns about the new legislation and its impacts, we encourage you to reach out to your state legislators:

  • Senator Chris Holbert, Senate District 30 |  303-866-4881 or via email [email protected]
  • Representative Kevin Van Winkle, House District 43  | 303-866-2936 or via email at [email protected]
  • Representative Mark Baisley, House District 39  | 303-866-2935 or via email at [email protected]

More HRCA Covenant/RIGs Information

Still have Questions?
Contact: HRCA Community Improvement Services Department at [email protected] or 303-471-8821. Office is located in the Recreation Center at Eastridge, 9568 University Blvd., Highlands Ranch, CO 80126.