Covenant Violation Procedures

Upon notice of a covenant violation, staff follows the procedures below:

First Notice of Non-Compliance –
The violation is investigated by staff and photo-documented, and notice is then sent via mail to owner of the property (or designee.) Each violation has a specific timeframe to “cure” or remedy. Upon re-inspection, if the violation remains, it proceeds to the next step. If the violation has been corrected, the property record is updated showing compliance.

Second Notice of Non-Compliance - Upon inspection, if the violation still exists, the violation is photo–documented and a second notice of non-compliance is sent via mail.

Third Notice - Interim Letter - Upon inspection, if violation still exists, the violation is photo-documented and a third notice is sent via mail providing a “cure” date and an opportunity to request a Tribunal hearing.
If a signed Tribunal request by the property owner is NOT received within 15 days, fines commence at $25/day, coupled with suspension of recreation privileges. Dependent on the severity of the issue, and/or the level of cooperation received from the property owner, the file is forwarded to counsel to pursue legal remedies to gain compliance. The vast majority of files are forwarded to counsel within thirty (30) days. Counsel then provides a “Demand Letter” to the property owner and actively pursues the violation(s) until compliance is achieved and all “hard costs” associated with the process are retrieved.

Declaration/By-Laws - The Community Declaration prescribes the afore-mentioned compliance process. An owner has a minimum of forty five (45) days to “cure” a violation. The noted procedures incorporate said timeframe to achieve compliance.

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