Fee Schedule

Adopted Administrative Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2019

Non-Sufficient Funds Returned Check Fee: $20.00

Administrative Fees are as follows:

  • New Home And Resale/Transfer Fee: $175.00 
  • Refinance Fee: $50.00
    Charged to provide estoppel certificate for assessments pursuant to
    Section 8.39 of the community declarations.
  • Late Fee / Default Letter: $35.00; effective November 1, 2019.
    Charged to homeowners when assessments are past due.
  • Lien Attorney Flat Fee: $150.00 (costs to record and release the lien are extra)
  • Demand Letter Fee: $110.00
  • Summons & Complaint: As per invoice
  • Complaint Filing Fee: As per invoice
  • Return on Summons: As per invoice

Note: The following fees are passed through at cost and do not include legal fees that will be billed separately at cost.

  • Service of Process Fees: As per Invoice
  • Applicable Court Filing, Jury and Other Court Fees: As per Invoice
  • Recording Fees: As per Invoice
  • Ownership and Encumbrance Report: As per Invoice
  • Additional Legal Fees and Costs: As per Invoice

Architectural Fees are as follows:

  • Notice of Non-Compliance Fee (File & Release): $100
  • Non-Compliance Fines: click for details
  • Room Addition Submission: $100.00
  • Home Improvements
    Tier 1: $15
    Tier 2: $40
  • Commercial Signage: $150  |  Two or more signs: $200
  • Minor Site Modification: $250
  • Large Commercial Project (DRC Review): $300
  • Commercial Estoppel Certificate: $135
  • Residential Estoppel Certificate: Assure property compliance prior to sale: $40
  • Additional Legal Fees: As per Invoice  

Note: “As per Invoice” fees are passed through at cost directly from legal invoices.

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