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Stroke & Technique Videos

Parents and Swimmers are encouraged to watch these videos to help understand each racing stroke and USA Swimming Rules.

Block Starts Technique

Coaching Tips:
Swimming STARTS: Dave Durden Episode 1

The perfect swimming dive angle.
Physics of swimming part 4

Flip Turns Technique

How to perform a flip turn  (note: Flip turns are only used on Freestyle and Backstroke)
Backstroke flip turn
with Chris Burton

Streamline Position Technique

Freestyle Swimming:
How to get the best technique

Breaststroke Technique

Breaststroke Swimming:
The 5 Most Important Things

Pullout Tutorial

Butterfly Swimming
Technique for Beginners

More Coached Swimming Information

Need Help or Have Questions? 
Check out the Coached Swimming FAQs and Coached Summer Swimming FAQs page. Also, see the Stroke & Technique Videos and Coaches pages.

Contact: Coached Aquatic Coordinator, Kerri McGrath at [email protected] or 303-471-8942.