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Pool Rules

HRCA's swimming pool rules are designed to protect the health and safety of all pool visitors. See complete list of rules: General Pool and Facility Specific Pool Rules; and Northridge Aqua Climbing Wall Rules.

Key Pool Rules

  • Showers: recommended before entering a pool or hot tub. 
  • Attire: community and family appropriate swim attire is required. No cut-offs/shorts allowed.  
  • Depth: for safety reasons individuals unable to swim on their own are not allowed in water over their heads without direct in water supervision (within arm’s reach) by someone over the age of 12 who is a proficient swimmer. 
  • Swim Diapers: any person who is unable to control his or her bodily functions must wear waterproof pants or swim trunks while in the pool. To prevent embarrassing accidents and pool closures do not use cloth covered with plastic or disposable diapers. 
  • Lap Lanes: lap swimmers must be considerate, courteous, alert, and willing to share lap lanes. 
  • Safety Checks: all pools will be cleared for periodic safety checks, and lifeguard rotation. 
  • Lifeguard’s Decisions are final, including ejection from the pool area. 
  • Report: please immediately report any problems and/or injuries to a lifeguard. 
  • Life Jackets: are available for day use at each facility. Please see a lifeguard for assistance. 
  • Acceptable: noodles and crayon sprayers. 
  • Prohibited: to prevent accidents and maximize safety the following are prohibited: 
    - Running on the pool deck
    - Standing or sitting on the shoulders of another participant
    - Hanging on the safety ropes or lap pool lane lines
    - Glass bottles 
    - No dunking on basketball rims
    - Flips, twists, back jumps, back dives, can-openers or cannonballs into the water
    - Squirt guns that resemble any type of gun or weapon (regardless of size)
    - Alcohol and smoking

More Pool Information

Questions? Contact individual recreation centers.