Centennial Water reminds customers to water efficiently

From Centennial Water and Sanitation District

Centennial Water reminds customers to water efficiently, keeping water budgets in mind
Recent warm, dry winter and spring conditions have prompted some water customers to begin outdoor watering earlier than usual. While it is important to protect landscape vegetation during dry conditions, this can best be done by hand watering dry spots in the grass and hand watering trees and shrubs before the start of the irrigation season. Weather conditions can change quickly, and even with the anticipated precipitation forecast for our area, it is important to keep in mind that precipitation levels can vary. However, the current water budget allotment does not account for outdoor watering.

The Highlands Ranch water budget program for the irrigation season starts the third week of April and ends after the second week of October. Customers who use a large volume of water for landscape irrigation before the start of the water budget period will likely incur a correspondingly higher water bill. The tiered rate structure for Highlands Ranch water customers is designed to encourage overall conservation, and the water budget program employed during the irrigation season has proven to be an effective means to encourage the efficient use of water for irrigation.

For information about water budgets, please contact Centennial Water’s Customer Service staff at 303‐791‐0361 or [email protected].


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