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Monthly Snapshot

Have a quick look at what's happening this month at HRCA; includes links to monthly news, meeting documents, and CEO letter.

 May Updates

From Mike Bailey - General Manager

Dear HRCA Residents,
Spring is in the air! Flowers are popping up all around us. We are all looking forward to warmer weather, but as we know, living in Colorado means there might still be a bit of snow in our future, yes even in May.         

We have plenty of exciting events and programs coming up for you. Our Rec Centers and the Backcountry are alive with growth and movement. Outdoor pools will be opening soon and we have a growing menu of activities to keep you and your family busy this summer.

I am happy to share that our annual Board of Directors Election wrapped up in March. Jim Allen was re-elected to the Board, and Kurt Huffman was newly elected to serve his first term as a Board Director. We are thankful to have such incredible community engagement, and the volunteer-based positions that serve our Board are vital to the success of HRCA. Jim and Kurt join our other Directors, Monica Wasden, Melissa Park, and Dan DeBacco. I look forward to continue working with our Board of Directors. 

I also want to thank Brock Norris, who spent twelve years serving HRCA as a Board Member and six years before that as a Delegate. Over the past 18 years, his work has helped HRCA succeed and be the thriving community association it is today. For more information about HRCA’s leadership, please go to

We are partnering with Centennial Water to encourage our residents to do more this May by doing less as we kick off “No Mow May.” The concept is simple, reduce the frequency you traditionally mow your lawn during May. “The less frequently your lawn is mowed, the less water it requires,” said water conservation specialist Paige McFarland. “Taller grass develops a stronger root system enabling it to better withstand drought come the warm, summer months. Letting grasses and wildflowers grow provides homes and food for pollinators and other wildlife,” she added. You can still maintain a beautiful landscape, with less frequent mowing during “No Mow May”. To learn more about this initiative, go to

Please remember when putting out your trash each week for pick up, be courteous and remember to place the trash cans in front of your own home or driveway, (in the curb, not the sidewalk) not your neighbors. Return your cans to appropriate storage after pick-up.

As we come into the spring and summer months and you are planning your outdoor home improvements, remember to check the Residential Improvement Guidelines (RIG's) before you start your projects.

I look forward to spending the warm months with you all, enjoying all the upcoming events we have come to know and love. 

My Best,
Mike Bailey

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