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January Updates

From Jerry Flannery - CEO and General Manager

Happy New Year! We at HRCA hope that the New Year is filled with health and prosperity for all. Get 2019 started off right by keeping your resolution to get fit and healthy.

Events and Activities: With New Year's Resolutions comes a high volume of visitors to our recreation centers. Programs are also gearing up for an influx of registrants so make sure you register early so you don’t miss out on a spot. We kick off the year with the Winter Cultural Series on January 10 (Stage Door Theater) and January 24 (Cherry Creek Chorale) at the Cherry Hills Community Church Chapel. One other fun event this month is the Pirate Party on January 19. 

Budget: The Delegates and Board of Directors approved the 2019 HRCA budget at the November 13, 2018 meeting and it includes a $4 per quarter, or $16 per year, increase in assessments. This increase includes a $3.75 per quarter ($15/year) increase to the Recreation Fund assessment and a $0.25 per quarter ($1/year) increase for the Administrative Fund assessment. The increase to the Recreation Fund assessment will aid in funding increases in transfers to the Recreation Reserves Fund, employee costs, and recreation facility operations. The increase to the Administrative Fund assessment will aid in funding increases in employee costs, as well as an increase in insurance costs. The increase in employee costs is primarily attributable to the 2019 mandated minimum wage increase, an increase in insurance premiums, and the funding of businesses cases for Assessments and Community Events. Transfers to the Administrative Reserve Fund and Recreation Reserve Fund are based on our 30-year forward-looking reserve study, which provides a repair and replacement plan for all of HRCA’s existing assets. HRCA tries to fund all of these projects with cash, while maintaining account balances in accordance with our fund management policy. More information about the budget is available online at The HRCA budget development process is approximately six months long. The process includes internal staff preparation, direction from the CEO and Board of Directors, weekly meetings with the Finance Committee from August to October, and input from the Delegates at four budget presentations throughout the preparation process. All meetings are open to the public and members of the community are encouraged to attend.

Please remember to pay your first quarter assessment dues by January 1 for the new quarterly amount of $152.00. Customers who are signed up for Auto Pay with PayLease will not need to make any changes to their accounts. The new amount will be automatically updated. All other customers will need to update their payments accordingly.

Member Education: This quarter I would like to share some information about the differences between the Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) and the Highlands Ranch Metro District (HRMD). We often get questions from homeowners about the different functions of the two organizations. Perhaps the main difference between our two organizations is that HRMD serves as the local government in our community. They are funded by tax dollars and provide many of the municipal services offered in Highlands Ranch. Some examples of HRMD services include construction of public utilities such as roads, light signals and street lights; landscaping and fencing; trails and parks; outdoor sports programming, and, through their sister public organization, water/sewer services through a contract with Centennial Water and Sanitation District.

In contrast, HRCA serves the homeowners in Highlands Ranch through the quarterly assessment dues that are paid by each household. With the assessment dollars HRCA maintains and operates the four recreation centers; provides architectural control and covenant enforcement for more than 30,000 homes in the Ranch; manages the Backcountry Wilderness area, and hosts nearly 100 community events every year.

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