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 November Updates

From Mike Bailey - General Manager

Highlands Ranch Community Association is a national award-winning nonprofit organization for over 30,000 homeowners. Being a part of our Community Association is about more than just owning a house; it is about our members building the life they want to live. Over the years, the Highlands Ranch Community Association has enhanced property values and created a quality of life within Highlands Ranch. Each owner of a privately owned property within the Community Association is a member of HRCA. The quarterly assessments that each owner agrees to pay greatly enhance our administrative and recreational functions. These assessment fees are paramount in maintaining our four state-of-the-art recreation centers. Our goal is to remain fiscally responsible while offering our members the best experiences and community possible.

One of the most significant parts of my job is hearing the countless stories from our youth, families, and staff about how much they enjoy all HRCA offers. Whether you love the arts and education, culture and festivals, sports and fitness, or our thousands of acres of Backcountry Open Space, there is always a fantastic experience waiting. 

In recent weeks, we have focused on HRCA's budget and the goal of increasing communication. I aim to keep you informed and educated about HRCA news, events, our budgeting process, and highlights from the Delegate and Board of Directors meetings that may affect you. If there are any specific topics you'd like to discuss, I invite you to join the monthly Delegate and Board meetings. You can find more information about these meetings on our website.

Thank you for helping us to be a community that stands invested in our mission and vision for Highlands Ranch. I am thankful and proud to be in this HRCA community with each one of you.

My Best,

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