Gym-Courts & Indoor Track

The gym is open for programs and programmed activities such as pickleball and badminton in limited capacity only, but is closed for open gym.

Running tracks remain closed. They will open when it is safe to do so. 
See: HRCA Reopening Guidelines

Welcome basketball, volleyball, and pickleball players. HRCA has three gyms with a total of 5 courts, so come out and play! Each recreation center also has an indoor running/walking track; so, don't let the weather get in the way of your walk or jog.

Key Gym-Court Information

  • Drop-In Court Play: The gym is reserved for sport specific recreational play designed for individual participation and enjoyment. Individuals organize themselves into teams and compete against each other in a courteous, fun, sportsmanship like manner. An example of this is a game of pick-up basketball, soccer, etc. All interested participants must be included. Requires all participants to be physically able to participate on an even basis with the group in play. Adult drop-in requires all participants to be at least 18 years old. 
  • Open Gym Court Play: Each respective gym is reserved for unorganized play on one basket only. Individuals may shoot baskets, shoot at a soccer net, play, by themselves, with family members, or with a limited number of friends. Check the monthly gym schedules for specific times and locations. 
  • Rules Posted: at the equipment desks at all facilities. 
  • Prohibited: Team practice or instruction from non-HRCA related coaches. Dunking or hanging on rims/nets. Fighting.

Gym Schedules

Equipment Available

Various sports equipment can be checked out at the equipment desk with a membership card (i.e. basketball, volleyball, etc.) Membership cards are kept on file to ensure equipment is returned in the same condition as it was received.

Courts & Features

 Northridge  SouthridgeEastridge Westridge 
 Indoor Courts122 0**
 Basketball Hoops*6660
 Volleyball Courts*-22-
 Running Track  18 laps/1 mile 10 laps/1 mile13 laps/1 mile 10 laps/1 mile

*Number reflects number of courts when the gym is set up for this sport.
**Westridge has an Indoor Turf

Pickleball courts are typically set up in the Northridge and Southridge gyms see Pickleball page and gym schedules.

Key Indoor Track Information

  • Age: members 12 years of age and younger must be directly accompanied and supervised by an adult
  • Walkers: must walk single-file on the inside lanes allowing adequate room for others to pass on the outside lanes  
  • Joggers/runners: pass on the outside lanes; joggers have the right-of-way
  • Strollers: not permitted
  • Rules: posted at each track
Running Track Distances
 Northridge  SouthridgeEastridge Westridge 
One Mile = 18 laps 10 laps13 laps 10 laps

More Gym-Court & Track Information

Running Track Rules & Regulations
  • The Track is available to all Members 13 years of age and older. Horseplay is strictly forbidden. To maintain safety and reduce the risk of injury, members 12 years of age and younger must be directly accompanied and supervised by an adult. All posted rules must be followed. 
  • Number of times around the track equals a mile:
      Eastridge – 13 laps
      Northridge – 18 laps
      Southridge – 10 laps
      Westridge – 10 laps. 
  • Individual walkers must walk single file on the inside lanes allowing adequate room for others to pass on the outside lanes. Walkers should position themselves on the inside lanes and joggers/runners on the outside two lanes. Joggers have the right-of-way. 
  • Please use caution when entering or exiting the track. 
  • The track is not a viewing or spectator area for the gymnasium. 
  • Running direction is patterned to help reduce leg stress associated with running tight turns. 
  • Please do not spit on floors, walls, or in the water fountains. 
  • Strollers are not permitted on the running track. 
  • Appropriate gym attire, shirts and shoes are required.
  • See the full document for most up-to-date Rec Center Rules & Regulations

Questions? Contact individual recreation centers.

See HRCA Sports Programs

We are working diligently to provide a clean, safe environment for you, but with all things related to COVID-19 there is inherent risk. It is up to you to choose to use the HRCA amenities, knowing that you assume risk when gathering with other people and visiting other facilities.