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Indoor Turf Party Request

Our inspired party staff goes to great lengths creating the event you envision and attending to every detail. Choose from the action-packed, customized indoor turf activities; which may include parachute, obstacle course, tug of war &/or customized activities, to batting cages, or a team celebration. With rooms decorated boy’s or girl’s “themed” party, our service remains unparalleled ensuring your birthday party, team event, celebration, or Batting Cage party is unforgettable. The party includes: Room and turf rental, decorating themes, ¼ sheet cake, and a party host.

  • Touchdown! Turf Party: One hour of indoor customized turf activities, and one hour of party time. $215
  • “Extra Point” Touchdown Option: One and a half hours on indoor customized turf activities, and a half hour of party time. $235
  • Triple Play Party (Ages 6+): Forty minutes of batting cages time, 40 minutes of customized indoor turf activities, and 40 minutes of party time. $215
  • Must book 14 days in advance
  • Parties can be booked for Saturdays and Sundays based on availability. 

Use this form to request a turf party!  

Request an Indoor Turf Party

More Turf Party Information

Question? Contact Rebecca Burge at [email protected] or for more information contact: 720-348-8202.