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Your Memories

We're interested in your photos and memories. Do you have great memories or photos from living in Highlands Ranch. We would love to have you share. To get your juices flowing, here are some ideas of things you may like to share:

  • an event in the history of Highlands Ranch
  • a special quality of your neighborhood 
  • your favorite thing to do for fun in Highlands Ranch
  • your first memory of Highlands Ranch
  • describe how Highlands Ranch has changed over the years
  • how do you invision the future for Highlands Ranch
  • what is your favorite thing about living in Highlands Ranch

Share Your Highlands Ranch Memories

Memories of Highlands Ranch

From Dave Long:

My family moved to the Ranch in the spring of 1983.

We were heavily involved in the very first all volunteer activities committee. Our very first events were the "Chili Cookoff," "4th of July Celebration," "Highlands Ranch Days," "50's Party," and "Halloween & New Years Dances at the Mansion."  I DJ'd all of the New Years or Halloween parties at the Mansion and as a matter of fact my involvement in the activities in the Ranch got me into the DJ and music business.

Also..... four of us got together and published the first "Highlands Ranch Herald" from our homes in the Bayfield subdivision. 

Also I've attached a photo of me DJ'ing the Halloween party at the mansion.

Our kids spent their whole life in the Ranch and it was one of the best decisions we've made.

From Leah Kim

Because of HRCA I made one of my best friends swimming. Thank You for creating a wonderful place that not only allows us to have healthy lifestyles, but allowing us to make new friends with the programs.