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One-time Opportunity Volunteers

Backcountry Wilderness Area Volunteer Program

Age Requirement:

  • 14 and 15 (with a parent)
  • 16 and 17 (with parental consent)
  • 18 and up


  1. Please complete the Volunteer Request Form; below.
  2. After we receive your Request Form, staff will be in contact with you regarding opportunity availability.

Volunteer Positions

Property Care/Maintenance Volunteer Positions

Position #2: Laborer

  • Various maintenance duties around Base Camp and the Archery Range and occasionally some duties within the restricted area of the Backcountry
  • Examples include: watering trees, moving mulch, mowing, trimming, general upkeep of various amenities, painting, cleaning.
  • Other duties may be assigned according to skills and abilities

Position #3: Trail Maintenance

  • A regular schedule is not mandatory for this position.
  • Volunteer would perform routine trail maintenance using hand tools. Includes improving rolling grade dips, general surface maintenance, and drainage. Also includes trimming brush to improve sight lines.
  • Volunteers must either be supervised by staff, or trained by staff and then work independently.
  • Groups are welcome, along with group volunteer days.
  • We provide the tools.

Position #4: Archery Range Maintenance
Various maintenance duties around the archery range including target maintenance and replacement, trimming, general clean up and other tasks as assigned.


Position #1: Parking Attendant

  • Assist event coordinators with parking vehicles at Base Camp and nearby parking lot.
  • Assist event attendees with guidance toward the event.

Volunteer Request Form