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Sub Association Info

If you are a home owner in Highlands Ranch, you are a member of the Highlands Ranch Community Association. There are several areas in Highlands Ranch which have their own neighborhood association with a board of directors and an assessment fee which might pay items like common area maintenance or a neighborhood pool. These are considered "sub associations."  If you live in a sub association, you pay an HRCA assessment and a sub association assessment.

Highlands Ranch Sub Associations

You can check the map to see if you live in a sub-association. For more information open this list of the Highlands Ranch Sub Associations and their respective contacts.

Sub-association Map

How to Find Your Sub-association:

  1. Use this map to Find if you are in a sub-association
  2. Click the search tool: 
  3. Type in your property address.
  4. Under "Move map to" click on the "your address" link.
  5. Click on your address in the map panel (right).
  6. Your sub-assoication information will pop open in the left panel.