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Snow Removal Guide in Highlands Ranch

Here's your guide to who is responsible and what to expect for snow removal in Highlands Ranch.


Who Maintains

Removal Timeline: Begins at snowfall

Scope of Responsibilities: Approximately 2400 lane miles including:

  • major arterial roads
  • collector roads
  • residential streets
  • cul-de-sacs


  1. major arterial roads
  2. collector roads
  3. residential streets
  4. cul-de-sacs

Trails & Parkway Sidewalks

Who Maintains

Removal Timeline: 
Three inches of snow has accumulated and it is likely to remain on the ground for more than 24 hours

Scope of Responsibilities: 150 miles of hard surface trails and sidewalks including:

  • 38 miles of hard surface trails
  • 112 miles of sidewalks along arterial roads
  • fire stations
  • Metro District buildings


  1. fire stations
  2. essential Metro District buildings
  3. sidewalks and hard surface trails
  4. parking lots at community and neighborhood parks

Residential Sidewalks

Who Maintains - Homeowner

Removal Timeline: Within 24 hours after snow stops

Scope of Responsibilities

  • sidewalks in front of and along the sides of a home
  • adjacent mailboxes, where present
  • adjacent fire hydrants, where present

Snow Tips for Residents

  • Avoid shoveling or blowing snow into the street. If your street is plowed, some snow will get back on your driveway and we understand that this can be frustrating. You can help by shoveling snow from sidewalks or driveways into your yard as any snow placed in the street will likely be pushed back into your driveway by a passing snow plow. In addition, snow placed in the gutter may cause icing issues.
  • Park vehicles off of the street when it snows. This keeps vehicles from being plowed in, protects them from passing vehicles and gives snow plows more space to maneuver.
  • Stay at home if possible and avoid the stress of driving in poor weather conditions. Every car left at home reduces the number of potentially stranded vehicles which can slow down plowing operations. When there are fewer vehicles operating on the roadways, the quicker the streets can be cleared.
  • Keep children out of the street. Remind your children to avoid playing on snow piled on the road or in cul-de-sacs. Equipment operators may not see children playing due to low visibility or other causes.
  • When driving near a snow plow, slow down and use caution. If you can’t see the snow plow’s mirrors, the driver probably can’t see you.

More Information

Douglas County Snow Removal Ordinance


Still have questions? Contact the agency for answers.

Did You Know?

  • Highlands Ranch receives an average of 66 inches of snowfall compared to 61.5 inches in the Denver metro area.
  • March is, on average, our snowiest month of the year followed by November and April.
  • The greatest daily snowfall amount in the United States was 63 inches which fell in Georgetown, Colorado on December 4, 1913.