Trash Preferred Provider

Opt-in Trash Project

After a bid process, HRCA has partnered with Pro Disposal as our community's preferred trash service provider. This valuable service benefits our community and residents.

The benefits:
  • Lower monthly fees
  • Reduce truck traffic to one day per week making our streets safer
  • More accountability for the quality of services
  • Reduce emissions and wear and tear on streets
  • Provide single-stream recycling throughout our community
  • There are never additional taxes, fees, or fuel sir-charges
  • Does not apply to sub-associations that currently have consolidated trash service
  • Through YOUR recycling Pro Disposal is giving back to HRCA everyday
The preferred-provider program with Pro Disposal includes:
  • Voluntary opt-in for Highlands Ranch homeowners
  • Free every-other-week single-stream recycling
  • Low monthly fees - $14.15 per month - call Pro Disposal at 303-791-3827 for additional information
  • One day per week trash is picked up in each of five service zones Google Map in Highlands Ranch
  • Optional 96 gallon trash carts or recycle carts are available for a refundable $75.00 deposit - please call Pro Disposal at 303-791-3827 for more information

Is this program mandatory? No, you may continue to use your current provider.  However, you must have your trash picked up on the day assigned for your zone no matter which provider you use. 

Will my trash service day change? Highlands Ranch is divided into five different trash pick up zones.  All trash companies are required to pick up trash on each zone’s assigned day. The zones in the Residential Improvement Guidelines (RIGs) are posted for member’s information. 

Homeowners who do not have their trash picked up on the correct day and/or leave containers out will be subject to the penalties under the community RIG’s. 
Google Map 

May I use my existing trash containers or am I required to have a new one? You may use your existing containers or you can request a new HRCA/Pro Disposal container.  Trash and recycle carts (96 gallons) are available - please contact Pro Disposal at 303-791-3827 for more information. 

How much will the service cost?  $14.15 per month for weekly trash pick-up which includes bi-weekly recycling. Additional items for pickup are subject to additional fees. 

Can the price increase? The rate provided for the voluntary opt-in trash service shall be subject to an increase no more than the Transportation Consumer Price Index, on the annual anniversary date during the term of the contract.

How long will the contract with the HRCA last? The initial contract with the HRCA to provide this opt-in trash and recycling service to our members began in April 2010 and was three years, with an additional two one-year options. April 2013 the contract was renewed for another three years, with two one-year options. 

Will other trash providers be allowed to service Highlands Ranch? Yes, because this is a voluntary opt-in program, other trash providers can service the community, but they must adjust their pick-up days to accommodate the new service zones.

What are the options for recycling? The opt-in program includes bi-weekly single-stream recycling (all recyclables for collection are mixed but kept separate from other waste).  Pro Disposal is the first curbside residential hauler in the Denver area to accept heavy plastics for recycling. These mixed rigid plastics are high density polyethelene and include items such as five-gallon buckets. Pro Disposal is also able to accept gable tops (milk and juice cartons). More about recycling

I’m already in a sub association, will this affect me? This program will not apply to sub-associations that currently have a consolidated trash program.

When can I opt in? Anytime. Just contact Pro Disposal to make the necessary arrangements, 303-791-3827.

What do I do with my current provider if I want to switch to the new program? You will need to contact your current provider and make the necessary arrangements to discontinue your service.  Then contact Pro Disposal to sign up for the voluntary opt-in program.

What do I do with my current provider if I do not want to switch to the new program? You will need to contact your current provider and make the necessary arrangements to continue your service on the new day for your service zone.  Check with your subassociation management to find out if your trash service is included with your subassocation fee.

Is this trash service included with my assessment fee? No, the trash service is not included in your HRCA assessment fee. If you live in a subassociation, your subassociation management may contract with a trash service provider and collect the fee with your subassociation dues.

Who do I contact to get started or if I have additional questions on the program? Program management and service will be provided directly by our preferred provider Pro Disposal Inc. at 303-791-3827.

Your information will not be given out and will strictly be used for the purpose of sending information as it relates to HRCA

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