Preferred Providers

HRCA Preferred Provider Program

As a benefit to our residents, HRCA has partnered with organizations who make a commitment to provide quality and dependable service, as well as provide valuable cost savings. HRCA has contracted with these organizations to bring you the best possible rates, but purchasing their services is not mandatory.

Trash Preferred Provider

After a bid process, HRCA has partnered with Pro Disposal as our community's preferred trash service provider. This valuable service benefits our community and residents.

The benefits:
  • Lower monthly fees
  • Reduce truck traffic to one day per week making our streets safer
  • More accountability for the quality of services
  • Reduce emissions and wear and tear on streets
  • Provide single-stream recycling throughout our community
  • There are never additional taxes, fees, or fuel sir-charges
  • Does not apply to sub-associations that currently have consolidated trash service
  • Through YOUR recycling Pro Disposal is giving back to HRCA everyday
The preferred-provider program with Pro Disposal includes:
  • Voluntary opt-in for Highlands Ranch homeowners
  • Free every-other-week single-stream recycling | Single-stream Recycling Chart
  • Low monthly fees - $14.65 per month - call Pro Disposal at 303-791-3827 for additional information
  • One day per week trash is picked up in each of five service zones Google Map in Highlands Ranch
  • Optional 96 gallon trash carts or recycle carts are available for a refundable $75.00 deposit - please call Pro Disposal at 303-791-3827 for more information

FAQs About HRCA's Preferred Trash Provider



Single-stream Recycling in Highlands Ranch


Pressure Washing and Trash Can Cleaning Preferred Provider 

HRCA has partnered with Green Can Cleaning as our community‚Äôs preferred pressure washing and trash can cleaning service provider. 

The benefits of working with Green Can Cleaner:
  • Available for all of your pressure washing needs.
  • One stop connection for driveway clean up. 
  • Cleaner and safer community by cleaning trash cans that eliminate the attraction to unwanted wildlife and insects. 
  • Trash cans are cleaned curbside for your convenience. 

As a result of Green Can Cleaners commitment to our community we have negotiated the following to provide quality services at dramatically reduced costs. 

The program discounts includes:
  • 10 percent off all pressure washing. Call 720-692-7151 for your estimate.
  • Reduced fixed rates on trash can cleaning of your choice. Starting as low as $7 per month for HRCA residents. Learn more about the trash can cleaning process.
  • Prioritized response time and job fulfillment. 

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