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Trail Etiquette

The HRCA Backcountry Wilderness Area trails are a well-used and well-loved resource in our community. To maintain the quality of the trails and a safe experience for all, we ask that EVERYONE follow basic trail etiquette standards along with use rules. With nearly 100,000 people in Highlands Ranch, our trails can be busy with all types of recreationalists. Given that our trails provide opportunities to hike, run, bike, and ride horses, it is important to know and understand the safe ways to use them. In addition to providing a safe trail environment, it is also crucial for users to stay on the designated trails to avoid harming the system and encroaching on wildlife habitat. 

Note: Bikes are allowed on all Backcountry Wilderness Area trails. Dogs are only allow on the Rocky Gulch trail and they must be leashed. 

Below you'll find signs and educational materials that should guide your behavior on HRCA Backcountry Wilderness Area trails. Please be a model of trail etiquette to show others what's expected!

Safe Trail Experiences Sign

Trail Use Numbers

To monitor how many people are using the trails there are counters, tiny beige boxes, at the trailheads and key intersections throughout the Backcountry Wilderness Area which go up a tick each time a person wanders past. We compile data from our trail use counters all year long, but with an anticipated jump in people using the trails during the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted a peek at the statistics. Find our most recent trail number report here