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Youth Volleyball

The HRCA Youth Volleyball programs features youth volleyball leagues and various volleyball camps and clinics. 

Key Youth Volleyball Information

  • Youth League Seasons: spring (March-May) and fall (August-November) 
  • Ages: 3rd-8th grade boys and girls
  • Individual Registration: must register for the age group the player belongs to, or one age group higher; cannot play in a lower age group. The HRCA Sports Department reserves the right to add individual players to each team to reach a maximum roster size of 12 players.
  • Practices: Monday-Wednesday, based on coach's request. |  Southridge Recreation Center
  • Games: Saturdays at Southridge Recreation Center
  • League Schedules & Standings

Youth Volleyball

Students learn the basics of volleyball and play in weekly games followed by a season-ending tournament. Volunteer coaches are utilized and practice times are based on coach availability. 

Camps & Clinics
Volleyball camps and clinics are offered during the summer at either the Southridge gym or Eastridge outdoor sand volleyball courts.

Upcoming Youth Volleyball Leagues, Camps & Clinics

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Time and Date Course Description

More Youth Volleyball Information

Contact Kodey Stauffer at [email protected] or call 303-471-8838.