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Middle & High School Tennis Lessons

Tennis fundamentals are taught in our fun and instructional classes. Please refer to the Level Definitions when trying to place your student in a class. If you don’t know, talk to a teaching staff member, Tennis Specialist, or Tennis Team Leader.

2024 Sessions & Registration Dates

2024-25 Block Time information is located on the Tennis Court Reservations page

Important: Refunds and class transfers must be requested at least 5 days prior to the beginning of class.

HRCA Class/Drill client substitution guidelines

Key Middle & High School Tennis Information

  • Ages: Middle School  11-13  |   High School 14-17 
  • Levels: 1 - 3 (Tennis classes are divided into six skill levels, see levels below, and because children develop at different rates a child may spend as much time as necessary at each level and is not pressured to move from one level to the next. A skill test may be used to assist students in determining when they need new challenges; better met by moving to a higher skill level. Skill tests are one of many tools used by our teaching staff; age and ability are the final determination of what level a student should play.)
  • Equipment: HRCA provides class tennis balls for instruction.
  • What to Wear: athletic shoes with non-marking soles
  • What to Bring:  Your own tennis racquet and water bottle. 

Youth Level (tennis skills) Definitions

Upcoming Middle & High School Tennis Classes

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Time and Date Course Description

More Middle & High School Tennis Lesson Information

Questions? Contact our knowledgeable tennis monitors at the Northridge Tennis Pavilion by calling 303-471-8996.

Court Reservations