Adult Tennis Leagues

United States Tennis Association (USTA) league play is one of the most diverse and popular programs offered at any club. These leagues are sponsored under the rules and coordination of the USTA. USTA League play affords people of all skills and age a forum for competing against players from other clubs and associations along the Denver Front Range. 

Key Adult League Information

  • Planning: Most players plan several months in advance that they will play in any given league.
  • USTA Leagues: United States Tennis Assoc. League is the country's largest adult competitive tennis league.  It’s a great way to stay active, improve your game, and even have the chance to compete for a National Championship.
  • ITA Leagues: Intermountain Tennis Association is six-state tennis organization; a division of USTA.
  • CTA Leagues: Colorado Tennis Association is a district affiliate of the USTA, and the governing body of tennis in Colorado. CTA  coordinate adult league play for more than 40,000 players across the state.
  • In-House Leagues: HRCA offers women's in-house doubles leagues ranging from level 2.5 to 3.5. Players may not play down an NTRP level. Teams need to have at least one player at the appropriate NTRP level. (NTRP Levels)

2022 Adult League Registration

All 2022 Adult League information is now available, including the league calendar and the 2022 registration form. No waivers or rosters are required this year!

Important: All league registration is now open. There is no staggering of registration dates. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please remember there is a $100 league deposit withdrawal fee.

Please call the Tennis Monitor desk at 303-471-8996 for more information or with questions.    

Adult League Schedules & Format

    Registration Opens  
USTA 18 & Over Mixed Doubles  April-June 2/1/22 2/15/22 three mixed doubles
USTA 18 & Over April-July 2/1/22 2/15/22 three doubles & two singles
CTA Men’s & Women's Trio* Mar.-April 2/1/22 2/15/22 one single and two doubles 
CTA Women’s Daytime Doubles May-July 3/1/22 3/15/22 three doubles
USTA Adult 55 & Over  April-July 3/1/22 3/15/22 three doubles
CTA Adult 18 – 39  April-June 4/1/22 4/15/22 two singles and one doubles
CTA Women’s 2.5 18 & Over June-July 4/1/22 4/15/22 one singles and two doubles
USTA 40 & Over Mixed Doubles May-July 4/1/22 4/15/22 three mixed doubles
USTA 40 & Over July-Sept. 4/1/22 4/15/22 one single & three doubles
CTA Adult 65 & Over July-Aug. 5/2/22 5/16/22 three doubles
CTA Twilight  July-Sept. 5/2/22 5/16/22 one single, two doubles
CTA Women’s Summer Daytime Aug.-Sept. 5/2/22 5/16/22 one single, two doubles
ITA Fall Mixed Doubles July-Aug. 5/2/22 5/16/22 three mixed doubles

*CTA Men’s & Women's Trio League - a five-week warm-up league intended to prepare players for USTA Leagues. Levels: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0. (NTRP Rating Categories)

Adult Tennis Leagues Applications

More Adult League Information

Questions? Contact our knowledgeable tennis monitors at the Northridge Tennis Pavilion by calling 303-471-8996.

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