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Racquetball Leagues

We have competitive in-house racquetball leagues. Join a league today!

Key Racquetball League Information

  • Age: 14+
  • Eye Safety: the use of protective eyewear is strongly encouraged for all players
  • Shoes: appropriate shoes with non-marking soles must be worn in the racquetball courts

Racquetball Skill Level Definitions

Level A: Forehand and backhand strokes are equal. High percentage of successful shots. Accurate serves, passes, killshots. Able to compete regionally and nationally.

Level B: Knowledge of offense vs. defense and shot selection. Able to execute most shots; lacks consistency; improved footwork and ability to wait for shots; may have developed a variety of serves; and backhand is starting to become more equal to forehand. 

Level C: Beginning to understand and execute "basic" shots consistently. Level of knowledge is improving. Learning pinches, ceiling shots, basic serves, strategy, and center court positioning.

Level D: Learning basics: safety, rules, forehand and backhand strokes, serves and returns. Shots are inconsistent; often follows ball direction rather than anticipating where to move to wait for a return; most shots will be high and rebound back to the center court area. Has difficulty judging shot and return angles.

Novice: Just starting to learn how to play. Lacks knowledge of all aspects of the sport. 

Upcoming Racquetball Leagues

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More Racquetball League Information

Questions? Contact: Jacob Armbrust at [email protected] or 303-471-7039.

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