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Dress Code

A dress code ensures that everyone in the class is at the same comfort level.

Note: the dress code is updated for the 2023 season

What to Wear


Ladies are required to wear dresses, dress skirts, or dress pants and flats or low heels (no sandals, high heels, or mules). It is strongly recommended that ladies do not wear strapless dresses. White gloves are optional.

Gentlemen* are required to wear dress pants, a collared dress shirt, and black or brown dress shoes (no tennis shoes). We do ask that gentlemen wear a tie for the final party.
*suit coats are optional for the final party

The White Gloves
Requiring girls to wear gloves in Cotillion is not based on any kind of social requirement, propriety, or fashion statement. Rather the purpose is to make our students feel more comfortable holding hands and dancing with one another.

More Cotillion Information

Questions? Contact Angela Munger: [email protected] or 303-471-8928.