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40th Anniversary Fun & Games

Word Games

Highlands Ranch Trivia
How well do you know Highlands Ranch? Test your knowledge with these trivia questions.

Anniversary Word Search
Find these community names and learn more about them in this word search.

Highlands Ranch Crossword Puzzle - print this puzzle, then see if you can fill in all the words; you might find hints when you look through the timeline and triva pages.
  - Crossword key

Naming of Highlands Ranch Streets

Mission Viejo (MV) hired the Advertising Firm of Brock and Associates to assist in marketing. Unexpectedly one day, Kathi Brock, owner of the firm, was asked by Mission Viejo City Planner,  Jim Toepfer, to help with street naming!!

Here is what she had to say about that:

“Brock and Associates named all of the communities and all of the streets in the first phases of development. One weekday, late in the afternoon, Jim Toepfer called, saying “we need to have all of the street names for our initial plats by our planning meeting tomorrow morning.“ Kathi replied, “Jim it’s late in the afternoon!”

Jim replied “I need it!” So Kathi summoned the employees in her agency, told them

“Beer and pizza and we will meet in the conference room and work as late as we can. We got the thesaurus out, went through all of the wildflowers, mountain ranges and more. Obviously we had the grid streets, Broadway would stay, University would stay, the grid streets, and we named all of the others. So if anybody has any complaints, it all started with an advertising agency and probably too many beers and too much pizza late in the evening!”

from: Highlands Ranch Historical Society article

First HRCA Newsletters

In 1986 The Ranch was so small.... you'll see from the newsletter that they had a "phone tree' the Internet wasn't available, yet.

Original HRCA Newsletter; Issue 1click image to see all four pages

Newsletter Issue 2

Newsletter Issue 3

Newsletter Issue 6  



History of Highlands Ranch, from THEN Until NOW

Highlands Ranch Historical Society shares details of our history from the dinosaurs to today: 
History of Highlands Ranch  |  Video about the Dinosaur Discovery in Highlands Ranch 2019

Lots more to discover on the: Highlands Ranch Historical Society Website