Due to Colorado's dry climate, Xeriscaping is a a great landscape technique which aims at conserving water, it focuses on landscaping which feature drought tolerant and slow-growing varieties of plants which reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental irrigation. Plants whose natural requirements are appropriate to the local climate are emphasized, and care is taken to avoid losing water to evaporation and run-off.


Xeriscape™ Advantages:
Lower water consumption  •  Less maintenance  •  Little or no lawn mowing (saves energy)  •  Take full advantage of rainfall  •  When water restrictions are implemented, Xeriscape plants tend to survive.

Xeriscape™ Demonstration Garden at Eastridge
The HRCA, Arapahoe Acres Nursery, and Centennial Water and Sanitation District, worked together to develop the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at the Recreation Center at Eastridge. The garden is divided into four zones, each highlighting a different level of Xeriscape plant. Every zone includes drought tolerant annuals, perennials, shrubs and grasses which homeowners can find at local garden centers. The garden also includes three examples of drought tolerant turf and one area of traditional bluegrass, allowing homeowners to compare the “look”.

 Plants currently in the Eastridge Xeriscape™ Garden: Graphic Layout with Plants Listed

Highlands Ranch Residential Xeriscape™ Landscaping
Using drought tolerant plantings and other water conservation methods of landscaping is encouraged. The HRCA’s Residential Improvement Guidelines (RIGs) state that Architectural Committee approval is required for Xeriscape™ projects only if a homeowner is proposing landscaping that contains less than 50 percent sod in the front or rear yards or a side yard wider than 15 feet. If these conditions apply, please remember to submit your Xeriscape™ plans for review before beginning work. Online Home Improvement Request Form 

More Xeriscape™ Information 

Xeriscape™ is a registered trademark of Denver Water and is used here with their permission.

Contact: HRCA Community Improvement Services Department at [email protected] or 303-471-8821. Office is located in the Recreation Center at Eastridge, 9568 University Blvd., Highlands Ranch, CO 80126