Backcountry Outdoor Center

Located just off Santa Fe & Ron King Trail, the Backcountry Outdoor Center is made up of Base Camp, the Horse Corrals, and the Archery Range and 3D Archery Range. 

Base Camp

Base Camp is the home of Camp Backcountry, our barnyard animals, and is the starting place for most programs. The Ponderosa stands, grasslands, and foothills provide for a dynamic setting for learning about and exploring the natural world, all while staying close to home. Base Camp is the gateway to adventure in the Backcountry Wilderness Area.  

Please Note: Base Camp is not open for public visits. Register for a program to visit. 

Horse Corrals

The Horse Corrals are the starting point for our horseback trail rides and other horse programs including riding lessons, horsemanship classes, and saddle club. There are three different arenas utilized for lessons and programs, along with a trail for horseback rides. Please Note: All pony programs begin at Base Camp, NOT the Horse Corrals.

Archery Range and 3D Archery Range

There are three archery ranges at the Backcountry Outdoor Center: a Sight In Range, a Lesson Range, and a 3D Archery Range. The Sight-In Range offers bag targets from 10 to 100 yards. The Lesson Range is separated from the Sight-In Range so that lessons can run concurrently with the public range and not interfere. The new 3D range consists of a one-mile loop trail with flat, uphill, and downhill shots ranging from 10 to 90 yards at targets including elk, deer, bear, turkey, sheep, and goat. Purchase your archery pass.

Directions to the Backcountry Outdoor Center

Address 6005 Ron King Trail, Littleton, CO 80125 


From the North: From C-470 and Santa Fe, head south on Santa Fe (CO-85) 7 miles and turn left on Ron King Trail. 

From the South: From I-25 and Founders Parkway, head west on Founders Parkway 0.4 miles, and turn right onto North bound CO-85.Proceed 9.7 miles North on CO-85 and turn right onto Ron King Trail. 

Once on Ron King Trail, go about 0.1 miles through the arch that says Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Facility then follow our Backcountry Wilderness Area elk head logo signs to your destination. The Horse Corrals are shortly after you go under the arch and will be on your left. Park in the Horse Corrals lot and walk West towards the riding arenas. The Archery Ranges are ____ miles down Ron King Trail and will be on your left. Park in the Archery lot and walk to the range. Base Camp is ___ miles down Ron King Trail; you will take the dirt road that veers Southeast of the law enforcement facility. Once at Base Camp, follow signs to park perpendicular to the East-West running fence. Note: If your mapping system tries to take you to the Backcountry Outdoor Center via Grigs Road, it is wrong. Follow the directions above.

Interactive Map to Base Camp (6005 Ron King Trail)

We are working diligently to provide a clean, safe environment for you, but with all things related to COVID-19 there is inherent risk. It is up to you to choose to use the HRCA amenities, knowing that you assume risk when gathering with other people and visiting other facilities.