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Meet The Tennis Monitors

In addition to their tennis registration duties, and delivering the highest level of customer service, HRCA's Tennis Monitors make the Tennis Pavilion at Northridge the friendliest and most fun place to play tennis!

Meet HRCA's Tennis Monitors

Nancy Hong

Born & Raised in: Montreal, Canada
Personal Background: World Traveler
Career Background: Litigation Barrister & Solicitor
Future Goals: To live in Japan or New Zealand
Motto: “Enjoy life, it has an expiry date”

Chuck Clark

Born & Raised in: Denver Colorado and a proud CU Alumni “Go Buffs!” and earned a graduate degree from University of Wisconsin.
Personal Background: Married with 2 children & 3 grandchildren
Career Background: Finance and Lending
Future Goals: “Staying Healthy”
Motto: “Keep on Trying New Things!”

Carol Lugo

Born and Raised in: La Palma, California
Personal Background: certified snorkeler
Career Background: ex synchronized skater
Future Goals: Professional Landscaper
Motto:  "It's on the list..." 

Judy Sholes

Born & Raised in: Born in Budapest, Hungary and raised in both Hungary and Florida
Personal Background: Love to travel with my husband anywhere and everywhere.
Career Background: Software Engineer
Future Goals: To travel as much as possible and experience the various cultures in the world
Motto:  “Don’t fret, whatever you can’t get done today will still be there tomorrow, breathe & enjoy life."

Jill Holland

Born & Raised in: Auckland, New Zealand
Personal Background: Lived and worked in three countries and have enjoyed many adventures with husband & 3 children.
Career Background: Nurse – New Zealand country manager for an international pharmaceutical company.
Future Goals: Travel; Be living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!
Motto:  Kia Kaha (Māori) for Stay Strong

Tim McNerney

Born & Raised in: Colorado, New York, Boston, New Jersey
Personal Background: Former Tennis Professional and Ski Patrol (Colorado), loves fly fishing, married to his eighth grade sweetheart (and she’s still putting up with me), no kids, just dogs, and my father was a citizen of Ireland so I am very Irish!
Career Background: Education: Teacher (DPS) Assistant Principal (Jeffco) Principal and Superintendent of Schools (Colorado Springs) 32 years
Future Goals: Begin writing the next chapters of life after education, and making a difference wherever that road manifests.
Motto: “Live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were going to live forever.” M. Gandhi

Dom Salvaggio

Born and Raised in: Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Personal Background: Raised in Michigan for nine years before moving to Colorado.
How I Enjoy Spending my Free Time: Playing hockey, lacrosse, and basketball with family and friends.
Future Goals: Computer Analyst
Motto: “One day you will leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember!”  

Shelly Hummel

Born and Raised in: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Personal Background: Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I met my husband.  Lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for nineteen years before moving to Colorado.  We have two grown sons.  I love to travel and play tennis.
Career Background:  Marketing/Communications
Future Goals: Travel and enjoy adventures with my family & friends.
Motto: “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” Author Unknown

Leslie Doessel

Born and Raised in: Phoenix.  I am one of five girls and I have a twin sister.Phoenix.  I am one of five girls and I have a twin sister.
Personal Background: I moved to Denver in 1982 and met my husband David at a Rugby match.  We have been married for 38 plus years.  We raised two beautiful daughters, Allison and Julianne in Ken Caryl Valley.  I am blessed with a Grandson Reiss and shhhhh- I hear there’s another baby in the oven!!!!I was introduced to Tennis at Ken Caryl and have been playing for over twenty years.
Career Background:  I spent ten years working for a Telecommunication company in their Network solutions sector.  More recently, I have been a direct care provider for Patients at the end of life through Hospice care.  It truly is my passion.
Future Goals: Enjoy my family Face Timing them from somewhere on a warm beach! 
Motto:  “When you are born, you cry and the world rejoices.  When you pass, you rejoice and the world cries.”  Navajo Saying

Shannon Porter

Born & Raised in:   Ponce City, Oklahoma
Personal Background: Graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Retired from an advertising/marketing career in 2021.  I was widowed in 2013 and have 5 grandchildren.  I have been playing tennis since I was ten and added pickleball into the mix a few years ago.
Hobbies: Travelling, gardening, and doing home improvement projects.
Career Background: Advertising/Marketing
Future Goals: Travel and play tennis and pickleball as much as [email protected]
Motto:  “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  My Dad