Computer/Electronics Recycle and Paper Shred

NE Corner of Lucent and Highlands Ranch Parkway

5/5/2018 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Techno Rescue will properly and safely dispose of old electronic components that contain materials that are very harmful to our environment. Get rid of all that old computer clutter and do your part for a clean, safe environment! *Additional costs for CRTs may apply. Check web site for most current details and pricing.

Businesses welcome. Call for special pricing.

TVs $50 up to 42". For TVs over 42" please bring directly to Techno Rescue; The Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) is hosting its annual Computer & Electronics Recycling event for you to safely and responsibly recycle the following types of electronic equipment:

*Monitors OLD CRT-$10
Fax Machines
Cell Phones
Auto Electronics
Palm Pilots
Computer Mice
*Televisions-$50 up to 42"
There is a suggested donation of $20 benefiting the Highlands Ranch Community Scholarship Fund.

*CRT Monitor looks like this:

Paper Shredding
Relying on your personal shredder or using a regular waste disposal service may not ensure that sensitive information is being safely destroyed and can be more expensive than you think. Machines break down. Paper jams. When confidential paper hits the dumpster, what then?

XpresShred will safely and securely shred your sensitive and confidential papers.
Limit of three small bags or small boxes of confidential paper. Additional small bags/small boxes are $5 each. Residential only. NO TRASH, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, PHONE BOOKS, BINDERS. $20 suggested donation to benefit the Cultural Affairs Association.

...can’t make it to this event, well we have you covered, the next Drive-through Electronics Recycling event is September 15, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

If you’re like me, then you have probably got into the habit of shredding all those statements, old papers and everything else that you collect but need to protect.

I’ve been saving mine up for awhile since my (3rd) shredder quit some time back. Actually, I’ve been meaning to go get another new one. Well, today I didn’t need to do that. I went over to the shredding and recycling event held by the Highlands Ranch Community Association over in the parking lot of Kaiser in Highlands Ranch Town Center.

What a turn out! A long line of vehicles, filled with their papers to shred made their way to the drop off at the shredding trucks. Although there were plenty of vehicles in line, the lines moved very quickly and orderly. The volunteer staff knew just what to do and everything went smooth. All the papers were dumped into the trash can, loaded to the truck and sent into the shredder. Presto! No more piles of unnecessary papers and my security intact.

Shredding and recycling are encouraged as a way to to your part to keep the environment clean and keep your security in tact. The Highlands Ranch Community Association along with the volunteers have done another outstanding job contributing to our community. Keep an eye on the community calendar for future events like this as well as others right here in Highlands Ranch.

For information on the Douglas County Household Chemical Roundups, call the Roundup Hotline at 303-846-6249.

“For event status during inclement weather, call 303-471-8888.”
Computer/Electronics Recycle and Paper Shred

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Community events and activities are made possible with help from our sponsors and Community Partners. The HRCA's ability to bring cultural events to Highlands Ranch is made possible by the Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association (CAA) and in part by the Scientific Cultural Facilities District (SCFD).


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