Key to "Can You Identify the Violations?"

How many Non-Compliances did you find?

There were eight (8) non-compliances based on the Residential Improvement Guidelines and Community Declaration.  Here is information about each-

  1. Residential Improvement Guidelines 2.71- Signage/Political Signs- Political signs may be displayed on a homeowner’s property or in a window no earlier than 45 days before and no later than seven days after an election day. The maximum size of political signs is 36 inches by 48 inches. Signs may be displayed in the front or side yard or in a window, which is visible from the street. The number of signs is limited to one sign per political office or ballot issue that is contested in the pending election.
  2. Residential Improvement Guidelines 2.48 Ornaments/Lawn Decor- Small “front” yard ornaments less than 12 inches in height do not require approval, if ornament is at ground level, and color and design integrate into landscape. However, three or more require a landscape plan be submitted to the Committee for approval.
  3. Residential Improvement Guidelines 2.47 Motor Vehicles/Recreational Vehicles- The SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION provides that no “recreational vehicles”, “campers”, campers on/off a vehicle, “boats”, “mobile homes”, “horse trailer”, “tractors”, “motor homes” or “trucks” (other than a pickup truck) may be stored in such a manner as to be visible from any other property for longer than 72 hours in a seven (7) day period, except as may be approved in writing by the Architectural Committee for reasons such as out of town guests with a recreational trailer. For the purposes of this guideline, all of the above referenced vehicle types shall be considered “recreational vehicles” or RVs. The application of this guideline shall not be limited to only those types of vehicles listed. Periodic movement of the vehicle for the purpose of circumventing this standard shall not qualify the vehicle for exception from this standard. The purpose of the 72 hours is to load and unload the RV, not to provide storage/parking for the unit. RVs must be stored/parked in the garage, off-site, or as otherwise approved in writing by the Architectural Committee.

    No vehicles shall be parked on landscaped areas (i.e., rock, sod, mulch, plants, etc.).
  4. Community Declaration Section 9.6 Restrictions of Garbage and Trash- provides that refuse, garbage, trash, lumber, grass, shrub or tree clippings, plant waste, compost, metal, bulk materials, scrap, refuse or debris of any kind may not be kept, stored or permitted to accumulate on any lot except within an enclosed structure or appropriately screened from view.
  5. Residential Improvement Guidelines 2.43 Lights and Lighting- Holiday lighting and decorations do not require approval. It is recommended that they not be installed more than 30 days prior to the holiday. Holiday lighting and decorations must be removed within 30 days following the holiday.
  6. Community Declaration Section 9.1 Maintenance of Property- No property within the Community Association Area shall be permitted to fall into disrepair, and all property within the Community Association Area, including any Improvements and landscaping thereon, shall be kept and maintained in a clean, safe, attractive and sightly condition and in good repair.  Maintenance, repair and updated of each Privately Owned Site shall be the responsibility of the Owner of the Privately Owned Site.
  7. Residential Improvement Guidelines 2.30 Fences- Regular aesthetic maintenance and staining of fencing is required. Maintenance/repairs include, but are not limited to, broken and unattached boards/posts, deterioration (discoloration, flaking, peeling, etc.) or anything impacting the overall appearance or stability of the fence.
  8. Residential Improvement Guidelines 2.41 Landscape- The owner shall install and thereafter maintain landscaping on the Residential Site, including the area between the boundaries of the Residential Site and the pavement or curbing of the street, also known as the Street Border Area. Maintenance of landscaping shall include but not be limited to: adequate watering, removal/replacement of dead landscaping materials such as dead trees, removal of weeds, replenishment of mulch, rock, sod and/or ground cover, etc.

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See: Residential Improvement Guidelines (RIGs)

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