Project Submittal Requirements

Find out what you need to submit when you are requesting approval for a home improvement project.

Important: Be sure to print a copy of all forms for your documentation

Basic Submittal Information

A general rule of thumb is this: Imagine you are on the Architectural Review Committee and you are reviewing the submission. Do you have everything necessary in order to visualize the completed project so you can make a judgment? If there are no unanswered questions in your mind based on the submission, then it is likely your submission is complete. Listed below are some common improvements with a general list of what a submittal should include. All submittals need to denote if they are on open space and thus are subject to Section 2.87 View and Solar Obstructions of the Residential Improvement Guidelines.

If you have further questions, or need additional information please contact the Community Improvement Services Department 303-471-8821, and we will be happy to assist you.

Map: HRCA Recreation Centers


  • Denote placement and dimensions, including thickness, on your site plan.
  • Any texture or stamping design and color to be used.
  • Must be a minimum of 24” off property lines.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.


  • Denote placement and dimensions on your site plan.
  • Rear elevation.
  • Side elevation showing height from grade to top of deck.
  • Railing design and material.
  • Materials being used for the deck.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Hot Tubs

  • Locate on your site plan.
  • Picture or drawing of unit including dimensions.
  • Plans for screening the unit from adjacent properties.
  • Minimum setback of 5’ off all property lines.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Patio & Deck Covers/Pergolas

  • Denote placement with dimensions and measurements from property lines to improvement on your site plan.
  • Rear elevation - showing placement on the back of the home (best shown with a picture of the back of the house).
  • Side elevation - showing height from grade to the cover and the roof pitch of your home and the proposed cover.
  • Materials must match current home.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Play Equipment/Trampolines

  • Denote placement on your site plan.
  • Picture of equipment including dimensions.
  • Plans to screen it from neighboring properties.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Retaining Walls

  • Denote placement, height and length, on your site plan.
  • Materials to be used.
  • Alterations to grade.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Room Additions

  • Two complete sets of plans including, but not limited to, a floor plan, site plan (at a scale of 1” = 20’), exterior elevations (at a scale of ¼” = 1’), and construction details.
  • A $100.00 submittal fee.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Sheds/Chicken Coop/Playhouse 

  • Denote placement of shed on your site plan.
  • Picture or drawing of the unit including dimensions.
  • Materials must match existing home.
  • Plans for screening 50% of the unit from adjacent properties.
  • Maximum size allowance is 8’ x 10’ x 8.5” in height from grade.
  • If submitting for an over-sized shed a variance form must be filled out.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

Solar Energy

  • Roofing plan denoting location.
  • Type of device.
  • Dimensions of devices.
  • Proposed color.
  • Picture/brochure of devices.

Swimming Pools

  • Denote placement of pool and dimensions on your site plan.
  • Grading plan to scale showing any alterations to grade.
  • Retaining walls showing placement and construction with all dimensions and materials.
  • Materials: concrete, cover, liner, lighting etc.
  • Photograph of yard prior to construction of the pool.
  • Screening for pool equipment.
  • Fencing around pool.

Window/Door/Garage Door Replacement

  • Style and color.
  • Picture or brochure of windows/door.
  • Grids/No grids - denote.
  • Each elevation must be consistent.


  • A landscape that contains less than 50% sod in the “front” and/or “rear” yards, or “side” yards wider than 15’ shall be considered xeriscape.
  • Locate all plantings on your site plan. Denote all concrete and paving on plan.
  • Label the name and size of all grasses and plants.
  • Underlayment and preparation.
  • Photograph of existing condition/location.

We are working diligently to provide a clean, safe environment for you, but with all things related to COVID-19 there is inherent risk. It is up to you to choose to use the HRCA amenities, knowing that you assume risk when gathering with other people and visiting other facilities.