Covenant Frequently Asked Questions

Covenant Compliance Reminder: Home owners are required to submit plans for approval to the Community Improvement Services Department (they will pass the requests to the Architectural Control Committee) for all exterior improvements prior to installation. For example, home owners must submit plans when painting, installing air-conditioning equipment, or putting in a deck. While some improvements do not require approval, there may be parameters that need to be followed. The HRCA strives to ensure choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community. More

Do I need to submit my paint colors even if I am painting my home the exact same colors?

Yes, the Residential Improvement Guidelines and Site Restrictions (RIGs) require all paint colors to be submitted to the Architectural Committee, including existing colors. The HRCA has no record of what color your home is painted until it has been submitted. Once a home owner submits, the approved color is entered into our database for future reference, if needed.