Covenant Frequently Asked Questions

Covenant Compliance Reminder: Home owners are required to submit plans for approval to the Community Improvement Services Department (they will pass the requests to the Architectural Control Committee) for all exterior improvements prior to installation. For example, home owners must submit plans when painting, installing air-conditioning equipment, or putting in a deck. While some improvements do not require approval, there may be parameters that need to be followed. The HRCA strives to ensure choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community. More

I just bought a new home; how long do I have to install my landscaping?

There is a 90-day requirement, from the date of closing, to have your landscaping completed. All bare ground must have appropriate cover in front, back and side yards. All new home closings that occur after August 1 have an automatic landscape completion date of May 1 the following year. Please be advised that weed and erosion control must be maintained through the fall and winter months. Home owners are required to submit a form for approval of all exterior improvements to the Architectural Committee prior to installation.