Covenant Frequently Asked Questions

Covenant Compliance Reminder: Home owners are required to submit plans for approval to the Community Improvement Services Department (they will pass the requests to the Architectural Control Committee) for all exterior improvements prior to installation. For example, home owners must submit plans when painting, installing air-conditioning equipment, or putting in a deck. While some improvements do not require approval, there may be parameters that need to be followed. The HRCA strives to ensure choices are in harmony with the overall appearance of the community. More

I need to have a dumpster or a storage pod at my house. Are there any guidelines I need to follow?

Dumpsters and storage pods must be placed in your driveway and are not allowed on a public right-of-way per Douglas County officials. If you need to have a dumpster or storage pod in your driveway, please contact the CIS Department at 303-471-8821.