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HRCA Barcode App

New HRCA Barcode App

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Also, if needed, check out the troubleshooting tips below.

HRCA Member Barcode App

The mobile app is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that allows you to store your membership card data for easy access when checking in to HRCA facilities.

Quick Start


Open up your phone's browser and visit the web page: If you need futher assistance, scroll down this page to see a video guide.


(The app has currently been tested on Chrome and Safari, your experience may vary if using other browsers!)

When the page is open in your browser, you will be prompted to add the app to your home screen. This is optional but recommended. You will find this prompt at the bottom of your screen as indicated in the following steps.

Video Guide

Troubleshooting for Your Phone

All Users

Locate the icon and tap on it to open the application. You will be prompted to scan your card to continue.

At this point your phone may request permission to use your camera, be sure to give it the proper permissions. If you have multiple cameras, a dropdown box will allow you to select the camera of your choice (font, back etc). The camera view should then be visible in the box (just as if you were taking a photo or video). Orientate it so your barcode fits horizontally in the view, when it is readable the app will automatically accept it.

Once accepted, the barcode will be rendered on the screen. Inspect to see that it looks okay then choose the option to continue (or retry).

Next add the name and expiration date as printed on the card and click save to continue.

You will now be returned to the home screen with your barcode and information displayed and ready to use.

You can now optionally add additional cards (for family members). Click Add Another then again follow the steps above. Once completed you will be able to swipe left or right to view a new digital card.

Finally, the edit button will allow to you update or remove any installed digital card.