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HRCA Barcode App

New HRCA Barcode App

Please help us improve this new app by sending in your feedback:    Issue Reporting Form

Also, if needed, check out the troubleshooting tips below.

HRCA Member Barcode App

The mobile app is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that allows you to store your membership card data for easy access when checking in to HRCA facilities.

Quick Start


Open up your phone's browser and visit the web page: If you need futher assistance, scroll down this page to see a video guide.


(The app has currently been tested on Chrome and Safari, your experience may vary if using other browsers!)

When the page is open in your browser, you will be prompted to add the app to your home screen. This is optional but recommended. You will find this prompt at the bottom of your screen as indicated in the following steps.

Video Guide

Troubleshooting for Your Phone

iOS Users

iPhone users must use the default safari browser to install the web app. When doing so you will see a prompt at the bottom of the screen directing you to the install icon at bottom center. Tap on the pictured icon to continue.

Next choose the Add to Home Screen option.