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Auditorium Rental FAQs

Q: What is the alcohol policy?

A: The HRCA permits alcohol in the Debus Wildcat Mountain Auditorium with the following guidelines:

  • No alcohol may be sold at any time.
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly limited to beer, wine, and champagne.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served prior to 11:00 am and service of alcoholic beverages shall cease no later than 45 minutes prior to end of rental period.
  • The following minimum Security Deposits are required for function at which alcohol will be served:
    • $500 if there are less than 50 attendees

    • $1,000 if there are more than 50 attendees

  • If the function will include 50 or more attendees:
    • A certified and insured bartender supplied by a caterer acceptable to the HRCA. Only such bartender will be authorized to serve alcohol.

    • An off-duty police officer shall be provided by the HRCA. The fee of the police officer plus 15% shall be paid by renter to the HRCA.