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Rules and FAQs

The 11 miles of private HRCA Trails are within two separate trail systems, the Wildcat Mountain Trail System and the Highlands Point Trail System. All HRCA Trails are open to pedestrians and bikes. Dogs are not allowed; except on the Rocky Gulch Trail. Horses are permitted; except for on the Rocky Gulch Trail. Trail hours are sunrise to sunset.


Why do I have to stay on the trail?

Walking or biking off the trail will have a negative impact on the habitat and wildlife. ForĀ example, deer can get used to humans when we walk on the same trail. The deer develop a spatial awareness to the trails and know where they are safe and where they feel uncomfortable. The deer and other wildlife are more affected when we walk off of the trail. They become alert to our presence at a greater distance and are much more likely to flee the area. Also, by staying on the trail we minimize the disturbance that the trail has on the habitat. The design of the trail was thought out very carefully to minimize our disturbance. If we were to walk off of the trail, all of the thought that went into the design and location of the trail becomes insignificant and the efforts to minimize our impact become irrelevant.

Why the Trails Are Private

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