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Rules and FAQs

The 11 miles of private HRCA Trails are within two separate trail systems, the Wildcat Mountain Trail System and the Highlands Point Trail System. All HRCA Trails are open to pedestrians and bikes. Dogs are not allowed; except on the Rocky Gulch Trail. Horses are permitted; except for on the Rocky Gulch Trail. Trail hours are sunrise to sunset.


Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are not allowed on the Wildcat Mountain Trail System or the Highlands Point TrailĀ system except the Rocky Gulch Trail. The no dogs rule is in place to minimize the disturbance on the habitat and the abundant wildlife. Dogs on leash are allowed on the Rocky Gulch Trail as well as the Douglas County East/West Trail. Rattlesnakes are fairly common around the trails and pose a greater threat to dogs off leash.

Why the Trails Are Private

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