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Rules and FAQs

The 11 miles of private HRCA Trails are within two separate trail systems, the Wildcat Mountain Trail System and the Highlands Point Trail System. All HRCA Trails are open to pedestrians and bikes. Dogs are not allowed; except on the Rocky Gulch Trail. Horses are permitted; except for on the Rocky Gulch Trail. Trail hours are sunrise to sunset.


Why the Trails Are Private

What are the main reasons for this policy?

  1. The HRCA’s mission statement states the HRCA is to enhance property values. By making the trails private, they become an asset to HRCA members and our community. In a sense, the trails are like a 5th recreation center and are managed as such. Our four recreation centers are also provided for HRCA community members only. 

  2. The HRCA is here to serve our HRCA members. Making the trails private ensures our members experience will be a quality one, with limited impact on the existing ecosystem. 

  3. Overcrowding of the trails would affect the trail experience in that the habitat and wildlife could potentially be at risk. Our goal is to properly manage the trails and the land and to minimize the impact these trails have on the wildlife and the habitat. Overcrowding would have a significantly greater impact on the ecosystem.

  4. The trail design and construction was 100 % funded by the HRCA, a private, non-profit organization. No public funds were used to design and construct the trails. The trails are funded through member assessments, not taxes. Further, the maintenance of the trails and property are also 100% funded by the HRCA, as a member service. 

Bench and Memorial Bench Donation Information:  Policy   |   Application