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Project FAQs

What’s the timeline for the project?

The Conceptual Plan project began in August of 2021. Once the Conceptual Plan is complete, the next phase will be to engage the community in the Backcountry’s internal approval process called the Community Involvement Process (CIP). The CIP includes multiple votes/approval by the Board of Directors and Delegates as well as at least one public meeting which will be advertised online, in our newsletters, through e-blasts, and via social media. The public is also encouraged to reach out to our Board of Directors, Delegates, and staff throughout the CIP. The CIP is expected to take place in the Winter/Spring of 2022.

Once the CIP is complete, and the project is approved, the final design of the buildings would be complete and go through the Douglas County process of approval which would take through 2022 and possibly into 2023.

After the final design is complete, construction documents are the next step before beginning construction.  Construction could start as early as the Fall of 2023.

Visit the project calendar for updated event information